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CD copy error... pls help

I am using a Dell Computer with PIV configuration, while i am copying files from the CD its displaying a message DOS Error, whether its CD Problem or CD Drive problem, because if use some other CD's its working properly... please help me because my personal datas are in the CD only its not copying..... any other methods to copy
Maybe you have some hidden file on CD. If you are using ctrl+a or "select all" then you are also select this hidden file what can produce error. Did you try to copy file by file?

ya Sonam i tried to copy the files one by one, i have not used CTRL A to select all, just i copied one by one only... but some files i copied rest of them is not copied..
Do you have allowed to see hidden files and folders? Can you make copy on another CD?

Just a thought. Make sure that your CD is completely clean. Try a CD cleaning kit just to be sure.

Also what is the specific error?

Clean the lense using lense cleaner and try again.
Try to copy in some other computer.
If still you having problem try
Try to extract your data on another computer.

I'm not sure if I get the point of what you are doing. You said, you get a dos error... I suppose you are working in a windows environment?

A reason I could think that your cd is not working, is that is made on another computer that used another indexing technology. But I'm not sure, because you didn't give the error you received or you didn't give a good description of your problem. There are a lot of reasons why it could be fail.
Have you checked your cd on defects? Maybe he is damaged...
sorry i have not tested the lense i dont know how to check any one pls help me how to check the lens in CD drive
there are some cd cleaners. you can use any of them to clean your cd rom lens.

and on file by file copy, do you see the error on all files, or some of them. if some of them gives error may be your cd could be physically damaged.

P.S. sorry for my english.
thanks for your nice tips i will try these
Can you tell what exactly, the error is? I mean the error as it is shown in the system? Then we can identify wheather it is because of physical damage to the media. In that case also, you can use some utilities to retrieve data. I use Isobuster in these kind of issues... It will take a long time to retrieve your data, but you will get your data back !!!!
sanalskumar when i put a CD inside the CD driver, (i am using Dell computer) and open it its not opening now, when i restarts the system, sometimes the CD is opening and the data's are copying .... but sometimes its not opening even i restart, but the same CD is opening after some time if i get restarts again and again./.......
CD/DVD Drive issue, try replacing it
albuferque wrote:
CD/DVD Drive issue, try replacing it

Most probably your system files are corrupted. To ensure that, try booting from any live CDs like ubuntu and check whether CD drive is working correctly in there? I'm sure it will.
In this case, try using "sfc /scannow" from run(I think you are using a windows XP box). It will need your OS CD...
Get back to me if this solution is not blessing you.. Exclamation
sfc /scannow

Thrissur's guys favorite command
Ha Ha Ha...
I am sorry to tell you this, my friend; Its not about a favorite thing. its all about the need and use. And I am sorry to disappoint you because Definitely I am not from Thrissur. Trust me if i tell you that i have never seen that place in my life although basically I belong to Kerala. I can tell you exactly how did you got this name "Thrissur"...

And tell me which Thrissur guy do you know whose favorite command is this one???

I never offended you; and that business is not mine. Your post seems to me like that. Forgive me if i did...
I given that solution because, i had that problem. Everybody learns from experience..
Good Day...
Never mind

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