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When enough is enough

I just filled up my 250Gb Hard Drive and my 120Gb on my laptop is almost "choked"....
Man, when enough is enough?
I don't understand why I am so "greedy" and I fill up all this space so quickly? I tried to clean up but my answers on most of my stuff is: oh, I like this! No, I cannot delete it.

How people survived with 2Gb HDD or worse: 380Mb?
We got SO attached with some pictures and movies?

For you, when enough is enough?
It's never enough.

And for how people were doing to live with 2 GB hard drives... in facts, everything was taking less space and everything was less powerfull that's why.

My music wouldn't enter on those 2 GB hard drives!!

You should get an 1 Terabyte hard drive and fill it up!!
You'll never have too much space. Everyone thinks keeping stuff is alright, and that's a good thing... Just remember getting it back after a crash is going to take a while to get it back. Remember once you delete something, you'll end up forgetting about it, and find something better Very Happy. I myself find something on my HDD and say "oh, this is gonna help me later on" or "I'll find a use for this in the future". Sometimes... stuff is meant to stay on your hard-drive Smile.
Sometimes you have to be hard on yourself though.

Ask things like 'when was the last time I actually played that game?'
'Do I really need both V1.0 and 2.0 installed at the same time?'
'Could I just download this again later if I want it again?'

Also, another great solution is to get an external hard drive, and move the bulkiest files (like movies and music) there, to open up space on your main drive.

Another thing that helps a little is what I've done. Throughout the whole hard drive, I've gone through, more or less, folder by folder, compressing anything I don't need fast access to. The only things left uncompressed are system files, files of software I use often, encrypted files, and movies. That frees up some space, and the downside is that it makes access to all the compressed files slower, but if you only compress files you don't need to access quickly, then you can save space that way. It took a while to do, but gave me several GB of extra space.

Software that can help, that I've tried and like (free of course):

CCleaner: does the same thing as windows' drive cleanup utility, but does it better, giving you the option of deleting more things you don't need. This can save a lot of extra space, especially the first time you run it. One thing it found on my computer was the windows error reporting memory dump files... Every time you click 'don't send' on the error reporting window, it saves the memory dump file in case you feel like reporting the error later... each of these files is equal to the size of your RAM, in my case, I had 20 or more 3GB files that were all useless. Yeah, 60GB of windows error reports.

Win DirStat: shows you your entire drive (or selected folders) as a collection of colored boxes. Each box is a file, and each box of boxes is a folder. The useful thing about it is that each box's size depends on how big that file is. So, when you run this, you can quickly and easily see which files and folders on your drive use up the most space, so you know what you'd get the most benefit from deleting.
Just get a few 1 terabyte drives and you'll be fine Very Happy
It'll never be enough and people require on keeping a better HD from time to time. I tend to install all essentials like Windows, drivers, firefox etc on my C and all stuff that can be deleted on F:\ You should buy external HDs or internal if you use a PC and not a laptop. Prices are really cheap nowadays. For 100 euro you'll have a terabytee.
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