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A neat story: The Power of Love

Once a father had gone to work to foreign lands and was away from his country for over twenty years. At his departure he left behind a one-year-old son. Now his son was about twenty-two or twenty-three years of age. Father and son had not seen each other for many years.
But now the father was returning, and the son went to get him from the airport. However, they did not recognize each other. They kept crossing each other's path, looking for each other, until nighttime.
Luckily, they both went to the same inn to pass the night, and the second day they were to go home. And they were put in adjoining rooms. At midnight, the son started to have unbearable stomach pains and began shouting and crying. The man who was the father felt quite angry because he was exhausted from his travels and this awful person next door was disturbing his sleep.
When the noise was unbearable, he went to the innkeeper and said, "Take that person out and put him somewhere else. He's distracting me so much I cannot sleep."
The innkeeper went to the young suffering man and said, "Where are you from?" And the young man told him the name of his village. Then the man who was the father thought, "He belongs to my village! I also come from the same village."
So a little connection was developed. The older man stepped forward and asked, ""What street do you live on?" And the younger man gave the name of the street. And the father thought, "That is the same street that my house is on!"
He came nearer to the young man and asked "What is the name of your father?" He was told the name of the father. The older man thought, "That's my name! What a coincidence!" He started to feel more and more interested in this young man.
So he asked, "What is your purpose in coming here?" Then he was told: "My father, whom I have not seen since I was a year old, was returning from far away. I was to pick him up at the airport, but could not recognize him. Perhaps tomorrow he will be able to reach the house himself and I will be able to finally see him."
Then the father came to know that this was his son. He started running for doctors, here and there, the whole night! Now he was not feeling exhausted or feeling like like taking rest. Now he was running about trying to help his son.
What changed him? Where did he find that great energy? It was love that changed everything. And what happened to his negative feelings of anger, impatience, selfishness, etc.? Negativity has no understanding, no feeling and has no heart. But now the heart was there, the feeling was there, and understanding was there. And a sense of serving came - That I am to help that one who is in trouble - that one who needs me - and in what ways can I be of service?
I have heard it
It could be excitement.
It could be that he felt so happy for his son, and he was finally seeing him, and he wanted his son to be happy, and only happy, because they would remember this moment forever.

This may be a little too sappy, but it is a good point don't you think?[/b]
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