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What's the weirdest game you've ever played?

For me it was TES:Morrowind the way the camera snaps and the screen goes red whenever you get attacked makes me jump off of my chair rofl especially when it's all silent and boom! something hits you! Razz. The graphics and monsters was also crude this reddish gross kind of color was present on almost every one of them.
I've always enjoyed Threads of Fate (also known as Dewprism), yet it is also kind of a weird game. You've got two characters in a rather dark story fighting through a rather calm and joyous scenery (there's a guy in a star suit, and he's the bad guy. At least for about five minutes). I like it, but I would say in my opinion that is the weirdest game I've played.

The gameplay was a given, but the ending was weird, wacky, and funny.
Big Rigs Over the Road Racing! Lets race trucks across the country trying to deliver illegal cargo, with cops chasing us! Well, no. You do race trucks but there's no cops and no illegal cargo. The famous "You're Winner!" applies here as well. Wanna go fast, while driving backwards? No problem, there's NO limit! It's just a horribly made game.

And for that, it's weird.
Postal 2
Something about leaping as high as tall building to splatter zombie mushrooms, smashing solid bricks with an unprotected skull and mutating into some kind of fire demon every time you eat a flower.

Let's put Portal into perspective, people.
Weird in a bad way - Postal2 definitely, however not that I didn't liked it ;p it was just a little over the top with violence etc..

Weird in a good way - Portal, really surprising game, I would never expect a little game like that to be so awesome and sucking in.
Tetris. I have yet to figure out how arranging falling shapes repetitively is fun.
Earthbound... yep definitely the oddest traditional RPG I've ever played.
good thread!

hm-... i'd go for flatout 2 - since the 1st one was a smash hit and the second well it kinda left your car unhurt when smasing into things... it was just weird n bad!
Someone gave me a game called Vampires or so as a birthday present, boy, that was 5 years ago, and I didn't understand what I had to do, it was just horrible. Played it for about thirty minutes and then put it away.
Shadow of the Collosus

it simply sucks. There is no interaction with anything at all. You walk around and attempt to kill huge monsters. The storyline is good bu cliche. But nowadays, there is no such thing as a unique storyline.

When I said no interaction, there are no towns nor cities nor villages to interact with. There is no side quest. just find and kill several giants just to die in the end. It gets boring. Oblivion and Fable II are both epic games.
Shopping Cart Hero (it's a flash game). You're launching a shopping cart off a ramp with rockets....need I say more?
I think the weirdest game I've ever played would have to be Earthbound. The humor in it is probably one of the strangest things I've ever experienced.

Of course, I love it. Very Happy
the weirdest game i've played it wow, its just weird why there are so many people addicted to it
The strangest game I have ever played is burger time
That McDonalds managing's like impossible to win and it's weird with all the little employees and business people.

nothing weirder then worms fighting an all out war...
Postal 2. You can piss the polices >.<
Plants vs Zombies qualifies as pretty strange, methinks.
In south park in one ep where there was a game called heron hero i looked it up online and some guy made a flash game for it. That is definately the weirdest game cos you can never catch the purple dragon.
Hmm, I am going to have to think about this question. The only thing that comes to mind that I have played recently is Portal, but it was not excessively weird. I remember playing some 2D game with a cow and aliens, that was kind of weird. I know there's something else, but it is just not coming to me.
Hard to say, as I really havn't played many very weird games. Some of cactus' games come to mind.

Duck Duck Goosee Laughing . That would have to be.... Emergency Room 911 or something... it was weird... very weird.
Madworld, crazy, weird and strangely entertaining. I still don't get it, but at least I found it fun.
silverdown wrote:
Duck Duck Goosee Laughing . That would have to be.... Emergency Room 911 or something... it was weird... very weird.
lol yeh the old days......
the weirdest game i have played on computer would be 'Karoshi the suicide businessman' or 'i wanna be the guy'. If you meant games as in physical activities then it would have to be this game called 'stuck in the mud'. What you had to do was run away from the mud monster and if you got caught you had to stand with your legs and arms apart. In order to be freed, somebody had crawl between your legs. LOL.

Oh and then there was 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'. Don't get me started on that. XD
SunD3R wrote:
'Karoshi, suicide salaryman'

Karoshi 2, which came out before the flash game, is i.m.o. a bit weirder. Not really all that weird, though.
The weirdest game I've ever played is paper boy on the n64. i just don't get the point of it, I mean who wants to play game about throwing papers into mail box when you may as well go and do it in real life.
Also another weird game is action fighter i think its called, really stupid game. Doesn't even make sense.
I have to say the weirdest game Ive played was The A-Team. From Howard Scott Warshaw, the man who brought you Atari 2600 classics such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Yars' Revenge and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, comes a game that was just too darn weird to release. Based on the high-octane television series, you play Mr. T's floating disembodied head and "Pity the Fool" who tries to make any nuclear warheads! Unlike the show where no one ever dies, the goal here is to kill the A-Teams arch-rival Colonel Decker, who has for some reason decided to turn trader to U.S. and is supervising the construction of a nuke. The game was built, but canceled before its release. A few prototype cartridges leaked to the fan community, making this a much sought after cult classic.
The Path - Is it even a game or an interactive experience? Whatever it is, it's certainly about as far removed from anything you could describe as conventional as you can get.

Pathologic - You're a healer that has arrived in this small Russian town just as a plague breaks out. So you have to fight the disease. It's a first person... I don't know. Adventure? That's probably the most conventional tag you could label it with. The game is a whole lot stranger than I've made it sound too.

The Void - By the Pathologic people. This one's on the verge of being released and it's already looking even stranger than their previous effort.
Now, I can’t remember what the name of the game is but it is installed with Vista… You are supposed to create some cakes… Shocked
Agent ME
Eversion. It looks almost cheerful from the screenshot they have there, but it gets very creepy. Definitely recommend. If you do play it, try to get all the gems or else you can't get to the ending.
The weirdest video game i've played is probably Seman on the Sega Dreamcast. You used a microphone to interacted with a fish with a human head and that could speak back to you. The scenes were seaman evolves also adds to its freakyness as well.
wierd game = brick on ipod. ==' so boring.
driftingfe3s wrote:
The weirdest video game i've played is probably Seman on the Sega Dreamcast. You used a microphone to interacted with a fish with a human head and that could speak back to you. The scenes were seaman evolves also adds to its freakyness as well.

Oh yeah! I remember seeing that game before. You're right, that was pretty weird. Mr. Green Have to say though, the developers must have had a creative mind.
Hm, I'm realizing that despite playing a lot of weird games, none of them are truly bizarre. I think the closest I've come is the Touhou series, which when you think about it from a genre perspective, it's really quite standard. Maybe it's the extras that really define weirdness. In that case I choose Ristar for the Genesis. Now that was a fun game, though I'm pretty sure the graphics people were high during creation.
The weirdest game I have ever played was on Amstrad. It was in a submarine, and I have never understood what I had to do. But Amstrad game was often difficult to understand because I did not speak English when I was a child.
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