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Looking forward to windows 7

Hey just wanted to say im really looking forward to windows 7- the vista on steroids version. The new speeds will step this operating system up even further and diminish the likes of the open source content of linux. I do however use Ubuntu 8.0 on my laptop and I am very happy with it. Its very reliable and does the job I need it to do.

Do anyone have views on the new windows 7?
If so lets hear them.
All the best excelle
Windows 7.... pretty much an operating system that does not have 'vista' in the name will be welcomed generally by most people. I have used vista for a while now, it took some getting used to but it still worked and I had not much of a choice having to upgrade to keep up with programming (SDK updates for DirectX).

As for windows 7, I have participated in the beta for it. From what I have seen so far is that it is a mix between XP and Vista. They have taken the stronger / efficient parts of Vista that did work well, but also have given you back more control over your operating system and computer much like XP. I noticed that W7 (Windows7) is also faster than Vista in my tests. You have to take into account that features available in the final release were not within the beta version of W7. If the processing speed stays the same, and the reliability is solid I can definitely see W7 being the best to date. Or maybe I just hoping that it shall be so.

But I highly doubt Linux will suffer to much from it. Linux will never die. ^_^
I've been running Windows 7 since the beta was released to the public. I've been through some tough times (still ongoing actually). It's a great OS, and as nitro001 said it is a mix between Vista and XP. Looks and usability of Vista with the speeds of XP. They've really done a lot to change it, although you can't see it. There are some new features, and I love the new icons in the tray (sound, network, battery and action).
My biggest concern with Windows 7 at this point in time is how much it will slow down with the final release and with all the components which they've removed/disabled for the beta.

I am intrigued, though. It would be nice to upgrade from XP to something better and enable me to take full advantage of my 64 bit processor. I'm running XP 32bit.
excelle wrote:
Do anyone have views on the new windows 7?

Yes, they do !

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