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new at this

hello my question is , is this site like geocities , I have no web building exp so if its not like geo no sence wasting yur space and my time i have to find somthing similer to geo before geo closes thx ... Question

No, Frihost isn't like Geocities, you do need a little bit of web-design knowledge to make your site off-line and then upload it to your server space using FTP type software (although you can do it through the file manager in your control panel)

There are other free Geocities type sites available if you search for them but they all have advertising on them usually. I would definitely suggest you try learning through Frihosts service though, it's not too hard and with trial and error you'll improve quickly. There are loads more functions and options with Frihost, and once you get a little bit more experienced you'll be totally hooked, never going back to a "what you see is what you get" design/hosting provider.

Whatever you do, best of luck with it anyway Very Happy
It'll be easy enough if you design your site with the right software on your computer, but no, there will be no 'site creator' type thing to work with.

If you actually make as successful site in a place that builds it for you, you'll regret it eventually, because some day you'll want to do something with it they can't help you with, and since you won't be able to do it with their software, you won't be able to do it at all.
There are many easy to use site designer programs available. Many are "free". Some word processing programs have a feature to let you convert a document to html.
Microsoft Publisher is pretty good for beginner web site creators. I used it for awhile. It is simple, easy and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Might as well start out here. I'm sure there are more then enough people to help you with things you don't yet know. I always found sites like Geocities too clumsy to do what I wanted it to do.
Unforunalty, it is as ocalhoun described...Frihost is a "manual" type host, YOU write your site, and WE provide the hosting for it (and all the bells and whistles as well).

Your site can be as complex or as simple as you choose. For help in deciding which HTML Editing software would be best for writting your first website, you may want to try the Software or Webmaster Design Tips forums.

Both can be a very valuable source. Smile
Google has a new service call Google Sites
Which allows you to build a website with no knowledge of how to build a website....
frihost is a 1000 times better than Geocities and those type of sites because they infest your page with advertising

download a html editor (like frontpage) and upload it to frihost and away you go
I started out using geocities a long time ago to build my website when I was first learning. Of course I will never go back to a service like that again. If you take the time to learn some basic html, or if you use software to help you build your site, you can benefit from the advantages of being hosted by frihost.
Frihost is all about making your website go live in a professional manner. You need to know coding beforehand. Other sites like geocities have inbuilt tools that helps you in making the website.

But neverthe less if you want to have a robust website and not just a webpage to show off this is the rite place for you!!

rockacola wrote:
Google has a new service call Google Sites
Which allows you to build a website with no knowledge of how to build a website....

Yeah; I've used google sites - I'd suggest you to give it a shot if you don't want to manually write your own web site. But down the road, when you've learned more, come back to frihost Wink - as it is the best free manual host if the class Smile
there is a site called wix that can help you build flash websites! i personally love it! i built the page for my website on it
What's a flash website? I'm kinda new at this too Razz
I'm glad I took a quick look at this thread!

I was completely unaware that Geocities was closing down its webhosting later this summer. I have a small site still there and will have to make alternate arrangements for it.

Thanks for letting me know!! Smile
Fanghai wrote:
What's a flash website? I'm kinda new at this too Razz

<shameless plug>

It's a site written in Adobe Flash (shockwave for you old-timers), for an example look Here.

</shameless plug>
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