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What is special in/about your country?

Whats special
- in your country?
- about your country?

(dont forget to name your country)
Have large population,in China .
United Kingdom...

Hmm, we were excellent at screwing two thirds of the world over when we had the British Empire!

We're also pretty good at keeping our lifestyles at the expense of other countries in the world not being able to have the same - there simply aren't enough resources for everyone to live the way we do oil/food/energy etc...and without being critical of the "first world" too much, lets face it we all know in our hearts its true, a good quarter of the world has to have next to nothing so we have everything we do!

Countries/States/Governmental geographical areas? Does it really matter who draws the lines on the maps? ...we're all people of the world and sadly some are luckier to have been born in some places than others.

Seriously though, I love that I was born and live in the UK, I'm lucky, but I just wish some of our luck was shared more equally the world over...the answer to solving this though? Takes a huge cultural change which I doubt I'll see in my lifetime Crying or Very sad
Jamaica is a mountainous Caribbean island just south of Cuba. Columbus landed here in 1494, and the Spanish soon brought in slaves as the native Arawak Indians died out—today more than 90 percent of the population is of African descent. The British seized the island in 1655, granting independence in 1962. Tourism is a steady earner, but reliance on unpredictably priced commodities, such as bauxite, causes uneven growth. The island is a major transit point for South American cocaine enroute to the U.S. and Europe. Other problems include illicit cultivation of marijuana and heavy deforestation.
Camels are very much revered in the Middle East. If you should be in an accident with a camel, you may find yourself in jail with huge penalties. They are treated almost equal to humans, and are human if you get to know them better. Super intelligent.
just few days ago, there was a funeral for our country's ex-president.
he passed away 10 days ago. the funeral was held 7days after his death.
even he suicided, but no one know exactly why he had to make such decision. many people think the prosecutors couldn't avoid form the responsibility.
anyway, during the funeral days over 1 millions visited to his home and walked about 3 kilometers and waited for 3 hours more. and memorized him in front of his picture and gave a flower to him.
Besides the wonderful nature, my country is the home of the yogurt.
Trinidad & Tobago is a twin island nation known mostly for its carnival celebrations. The beaches and nature trails etc are very very beautiful! I'll include some pics below...


Pigeon Point, Tobago

Store Bay, Tobago

Nylon Pool, Tobago

Balandra, Trinidad

Macqueripe Beach

In Trinidad there is also a 'season' during which leather back turtles come ashore to lay eggs, I can't embedd the video clip so here is the link to it.

Carnival in Trinidad
Parade of the bands

Jouvert (pronounced: joo -vey) : Early Monday morning street party, while it's still dark. Lost of mud and body paint is used during this time.


1/4 or 1/5 of world's population
People speak Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the world!!! Smile
8 out of the 20 highest mountain peaks in the world are situated in my country- Nepal. There is nice natural enviroment (except in the capital). And yes, Lord buddha is also born here.
Cheese. That's what special about the UK. Forget French cheeses - they're for wimps (apart from Rocquefort which has some merit). If you want to taste the best cheeses in the world, come to the UK. If you have never tasted a good Stilton or an extra mature West Country or Welsh cheddar then you haven't lived.

Colston Bassett Stilton, Oxford Blue, Black Bomber Welsh cheddar - they explode onto your tongue.

On a more serious note, I think the cultural diversity in the UK is special. As a result of Empire and The Commonwealth we have large populations either from or descended from countries in every corner of the world. I have travelled widely in many countries and there are very few others where there is such a rich diversity.
We have nectar points!
I live in Israel. What's special? Don't know, open the news. Razz

Seriously speaking, it's hot, with lots of people from different backgrounds, most of them are very (too much?) warm people who will most of the time won't have a problem speaking to you, smiling and laughing. People from Europe, who are usually more closed, who visit this country, might find it weird or on the other hand very refreshing.

Geographically, the country has diverse nature. From deserts in the south to the snowy (in the winter) Hermon mountain in the north. It's a tiny state with lots of different scenery.

Another example of diversity is the modern cities versus the old cities. Greatest example would be Jerusalem.

Anyway, visit Israel while you can (or while it still exists Razz ).
I live in the Philippines, what makes it special here is that Filipinos were hospitable people. We also have great beaches like in the Boracay, Camiguin Islands, and many likes. We have great foods, great caves, great historical places and nearby islands....
Blessed with snow-clad peaks, crystal glaciers, rolling meadows and ski slopes, beautiful valleys, meandering and roaring rivers, gushing waterfalls, thick forests rich in wildlife, swampy deltas, long coastlines and magical moonscapes - India has something for everyone looking for adventure. Some examples.

Water Sports
•White water rafting & Kayaking
•Water Skiing

Wildlife Tourism
•National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries
•Bird Watching


Rock Climbing


Aero sports
•Hang Gliding

Jeep Safaris

Camel Safaris

Elephant Safari Jim Corbett National Park

Horse Safari Jim Corbett National Park

•Heli Skiing


Bungee Jumping

Moto Sports
•Bike Safaris
•Car Rallies
•Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of India
•Raid De Himalaya

Speleology (Caving)
United States

just nice people and places to shop Laughing

as for the natural landmarks.. they will intrest you for the first 15 mins.

The best 3 things about it are:

1) it's not USA
2) it's not France
3) it's not Australia.

Unfortunately a lot of people from those countries come here though.
guggs wrote:
The best 3 things about it are:
1) it's not USA
2) it's not France
3) it's not Australia.
Unfortunately a lot of people from those countries come here though.

And from other states with much less civilization implemented.
In 2009, how many percentage of UK is English?
The Netherlands,

We have very nice cheese, and we have no mountains
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