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21st Century Breakdown

So, what does everyone think of Green Day's new album, 21st Century Breakdown?

Personally, I think that altogether, this is their best album to date, although some songs could be better or just not included. What do you think?

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
I've only heard one of Green Day's song that album Know the enemy. I think it's a catchy song top 10 for sure Very Happy... Eventually.
Oh yeah, the Album itself is selling insanely fast. It should make it to the top of Billboard soon.

EDIT: I just checked and 21st Century Breakdown is at the top of the Billboard 200.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
Know Your Enemy was good, but I listened to the album while doing other things, and none of the songs particularly stood out. I'll have to give it a thorough listen to see if I missed any, but usually I just notice the songs that are really good.
I hear its more of the same though, with some quite good songs, but nothing special.
To me there is not alot on the album that I haven't heard before. It's a lot of the same sort of stuff. They played the full album on the radio a couple of weeks ago and there were a few songs where I actually thought it was an old green day song...

I'm not particularly fussed about this new album.
I REALLY like it!

Tracks 7-16 are the best
Lately I have heard a lot of old school Green Day fans saying that they do not like the new album at all. It seems to me that Green Day's style has changed a lot.

Especially now since its a rock opera.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
I agree with Poly-gone. Thir style has changed. I was and still am a huge Green Day fan, but this new album does not do it for me. First off, I think they got cockey with American Idiot. This new record is way overproduced and quite frankly not that interesting. I respect the fact that they want to make another concept record but it will be hard to top American Idiot.
Next, as a fan from the early 90's, I can't stand going to concerts and feeling so old. Their fans are like 16-18 years old. I saw Foxboro Hot Tubs (GD side-project) at a 21 and older venue and that was amazing. Basically, I love Green Day live, but I will only see them again at 21 and up shows because I don't want to feel like I am at Hanna Montana show.

When was Green Day interesting?
liljp617 wrote:
When was Green Day interesting?

The Album is OK.
But the previous the album "American Idiot" was better.
My favourite album is Dookie.
Alright, the thread is a little old, I'm writing more than a month after the last post, but seriously - I'm a big big big big big big fan of Green Day Embarassed

So, the new album is great.Of course, I enjoy when Billie is doing his own solos, like in 1039 smoothed out slappy hours, but Jason White is a great guitarist, so I really don't mind after all :]

I'm glad that Jason Freeze had the opportunity to play his instruments, e.g. the piano - it has some roles in the album Smile

It's a really successful album.Absolutely successful.Green Day have done it again Smile
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