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Domain question

I own a domain and I'm not sure how to set it up with my site: I configured the nameservers so it redirects to my Frihost account, and set up cPanel so it's a "parked domain", but I'm still getting Frihost URLs. Do I need to have my site specially set up on your end for it to work "properly", or is there something else in cPanel I can set so that I will get
When you say that you've "configured the nameservers so it redirects to my Frihost account" that you've set the nameservers to ns1 and ns2 or do you mean that you've set it to forward to If the latter is the case, then you've done it incorrectly.

Sorry that I have to confirm this, but you used a mix of the two's terminology in your post. No hard feeling, just trying to clear things up. Please let me know what the case is and I/someone will be along to help you.
Sorry, I'm not great with this kind of terminology. I have it set up for and
You need to put a slash at the end of the domain when you go to it...
Eg, or

It should then work properly. If you don't put a slash, it will redirect and add a slash on the end, but using your old URL. Alternately, you could ask an admin to change your new domain to the 'default' domain (rather than your old one)

Another thing (if you use PHP) would be to redirect to your new domain. Something like the following is efficient:

if ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] != "") {
    header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

You should put this at the top of your PHP pages. This basically says: "If the domain the user went to is not, then redirect to" (replace with your new domain)

This method also has the benefit that if Google listed your old URL, it will update to your new one automatically.
How hard was it to include the real domain u want to use so we could check and give you specific reason Smile. But now we have to guess.

a) I suspect if its dns propogation issue, after u change the name servers and add the domain in cpanel it can take 24-36 hours for dns propogation to complete(depends on your ISP cache).

I will get

Once your site starts working u can add a direcoty "my directory" and upload mypage.php file in it.

c) Actually I'll not recommend parked domain, parked domain is mostly use when u have a site and u want multiple domains to show same thing then u just park them, Rather i'd use "addon domains".So if you wish to use addon domains through cpanel and use the directory lets say 'new'. Then to get you will have to make a directory "mydirectory" in public_html/new/ folder and upload the file mypage.php in it for it wo work.

If the problem persists please post the actual domain in question so we can check.
Looking through his 15 posts his subdomain is and the most likely domain is to be used therefore is which is the same page.

As theres little to do immediately on your site its hard to tell what your problem is. However using the code daniel15 produced would be agood idea. You also have a link which goes to your frihost domain so does the form. change all your cases to com and that should help. Or you could just delete them and add into the head section of your page

<base href="">

although this may not appleal to you but it would be quicker now and in the future.
survey says:

Your NS records at the parent servers are: [] [TTL=172800] [US] [] [TTL=172800] [US]

uh oh

ERROR: Some of your nameservers listed at the parent nameservers did not respond. The ones that did not respond are:


WARNING: All of your nameservers (listed at the parent nameservers) are in the same Class C (technically, /24) address space
Thanks for the help, everyone. I guess I'll use the PHP code daniel15 posted, then, and see how that works.
My domain is indeed and right now I'm experimenting with whether I should use Mambo, Xoops, or my own PHP-coded pages for my permanent site, so whatever the domain shows up isn't necessarily what'll be there tommorrow. Rolling Eyes

EDIT: OK, I inserted the code that was suggested to me, but I have a poll script running that has me include a cookie file before any PHP code. If I include the header thing before the cookie file, I can't load the page because of "rejected cookies," according to Firefox. If I put the include cookie file first, then the headers have already been sent and that doesn't work either. :/ I guess at this point I should probably just have an admin change the domain set up with my account?
this didn't happen to me when i want to addon my domain Rolling Eyes
Bondings seems to be working fine.

If you still have some questions or need more support, please pm me or another admin/moderator to reopen this thread.

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