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Follow up - Bone strength, the elderly .....

This is kind of a follow up to my message on "Bone strength, the elderly, & weakness"

I know that many elderly people who fall and break a hip never come back from it. My aunt broke her leg at the ankle, but after two years in bed her legs are extremely weak and very nearly will not support her at all any more, so her unbroken leg can't even come close to holding her up on its own. So for her, this broken ankle is probably almost just as bad as a broken hip.

It's partially our fault, mine and my uncle's, because we wait on my aunt hand and foot. If she wants water, we get it for her. If she wants a soda, we get it for her. If she drops something on the floor and can't reach it without getting up, she calls for us and we come get it for her. We bring her her meals on a tray to her bed. It has been like this now for over two years. (One year for me since I got back in town)

It has gotten to the point where it seems strange just to see her get out of bed and walk, even to the bathroom.

I'm sorry for your aunt.

My uncle just broke his hip two weeks ago. He was operated on and I think they put some rods in his hip. He's at the hospital right now and is working on rehabilitation. He's fairly strong, so I think he may be able to walk again, with the help of a walker probably.

So yeah, I guess that's why it's important for the elderly to take calcium supplements and to do exercise so their bones don't weaken.
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