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How many words per minute do you type?

How many words per minute do you type? I have mavis beacon (I really dont her) and have an average typeing speed of 70 words per minute with 100% accuracy!!!!!!! and thats only my average. im 14 years old and am a male so I think thats pretty good isnt it? how old are you and whats your average speed of typeing and whats your accuracy with that? just curies to know remember to say how old you are.

I looooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee computers!!!!
many words Laughing haha
S3nd K3ys
It's easy to get 70 wpm with ~99% accuracy on a 1 minute test. How about over a 10 minute test? I was at 58 wpm with 97% in high school, but that was a couple decades ago. Now I type much faster and more accurately.
Well, according to this typing test:

it said that my speed was 82 WPM with 2 mistakes (adjusted speed 80 WPM). Which is kind of close since my to my average speed test since some other typing test rated me around 70+ WPM... I also have a weird hand settinf typing. My right hand shifted over one key over so it's more like KL;' although my left hand is still ASDF. If you ever took a typing class, if you did you would know what I'm talking about, you have your home row consisting of ASDF and I think JKL;
I'm pretty bad compared to you all.
I can only do around 40 wpm.
and that after 2 years of programming for a living !

The development tools nowadays tend to make one lazy, they take away the need for a good typing speed with features like auto-completion etc.

and also my keyboard...yes the keyboard.
it's really dusty and sometimes a key just doesn't pop back after I press and release it.
I did particularly poorly on that test because it uses way more punctuation than I'm used to Wink
45 wpm with 4 mistakes.
I'm not any better than most of you either. I had 64WPM but without any errors.
ROFl, my typing speed is 33 wpm.. but im french .. and the text was in english .. lol
At an adjusted speed of 37 WPM, terrible!
90-100 words per minutes, with/without looking with about 95-100% accuracy but most of the time I just can't be bothered to make myself type fast, it's just more effort,
I haven't count this number yet
maybe 180 words
haha the last time i checked i was at 13wps haha Razz i don't know what i was on Rolling Eyes but i totally could not type that day. also i am completely depend on the backspace key, without it i would die Wink
I'm not sure exactly how many words a minute I could type, probably around 50, but they wouldn't be very good spelling. I like to think about things before I type, so that chances of me typing non stop for a minute is very low.
I type on average about 50 words a minute (I'm 16 years old). I was called "Mr Speedy Fingers" in my keyboarding class 2 years ago. My teacher told me to slow down on the assignments as I was way ahead of the entire class. Razz

One thing that I am always concerned about with my typing is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It can be very painful. You can screw up your wrists if you don't type properly at an incredible rate of speed.

The school librarian had told me (I am a volunteer at my school library) that she had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome once and almost lost her arm because of it. She ignored the problem for a long time (she did not know she had it) and it spread all the way up her one arm. When she was playing golf with her husband, she could not move her arm. She had to be rushed to the hospital and had to be cured immediately. She says that now she even has a stiff finger ever now and then. Very scary stuff.

I learned typing on my own, at home, I didn't go by a book at all. I eventually caught on to it eventually.

Because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I am careful about the ways I type. Don't try to be as fast as you can, you can really screw up your wrists if you don't watch out.

My 2 cents.

- Mike.
well i'm 14 and i can type 60-70 word per min. but i have no clue what the accuracy is
izcool wrote:
I type on average about 50 words a minute (I'm 16 years old).
I type more than twice as fast and am only slightly older.

One thing that I am always concerned about with my typing is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

You need a 'natural' keyboard. I don't like the placement of the pageup/pagedown keys on this version:

I prefer

It can be tricky at first to become accustomed to switching between natural and painful keyboards. You'll find it's easier to type faster on a natural keyboard, too.
Tasadduq Khan
S3nd K3ys wrote:
It's easy to get 70 wpm with ~99% accuracy on a 1 minute test. How about over a 10 minute test? I was at 58 wpm with 97% in high school, but that was a couple decades ago. Now I type much faster and more accurately.

Totaly agrees with you.
I have taken 1 minute test and my speed was 85. Smile
But when I took 5-6 mins test my speed reduced to 70-75 words. Sad I am still trying to reach 80+ marks. And my fastest so far is 75 on 6 mins test.
Hoping I will reach it.
i havent test it, but i think i can type 80 word one minute, maybe more, but the accuracy maybe worse. maybe this is the wrong about our first learner.
i have clocked 80 with 100% accuracy, but on an avg its about 77.
but i guess it would come down if i am not typing looking at something, i mean when u have to think when you type.
180 wpm sounds like an exaggaration so does 14 wp sec.. i understand 120 to 140 is about the maximum you can get. btw the capital tunnel sydrome sounds bad.. i havent bothered about it.
but i guess i dont try to type that fast usually. i only try to type fast when i have to...
there is a feature in typingmaster which checks ur speed while not taking tests.... i mean when you use ur computer.. like typing in forum and chat..
i got 56wpm in that. so i guess its not bad...
and those of you who dont get high speed dont need to worry. its not a competition. you would get speed if your work demands it. but if you are a programmer or a chatter then u dont need such high speed.
roughly 60 words a minute, even more if i've been on the system for long
56 with no mistakes.
Blood Printerzz
I can write 50-60 words per minute. But it goes high when i start typing orally. It might reach 80-90 words per minute. sometimes it depend on my mood. When i feel tired or boring my typing speed goes down and come to 40 words per minute but when i am in good mood it goes on 90 Smile I have tried for a job and the required speed was 75 words per minute and I qualified there.
I made the test, just 60 word per minuite.
On Mavis Beacon i got like 68000 WPM.... but that was when I made a custon lesson and only typed two keys really fast. Does that count?
I type at least 80 WPM and my fastest was 123 but that was with no errors and little words that's next to each other.
203 lol yea right ahh i think like 3 maybe Laughing
I think more than 70 and less than 100.
Hmm I type quite fast.. but usually the faster I type the more spelling mistakes I make Embarassed Embarassed
60 words per minute its ok for me.....
But right now its not 60 words.... Laughing
I just wake up Smile
Umm I never checked my speed, So I went ahead and found an online typing speed test website

and here's my result, quiet low as compared to you all Sad

if i am rich in vocabulary,i will type rapid,but if my type my civil language,i
will type quicker than english,
I can type 30-40 words because my keyboard skill sucks..I am improving myself by the way
If I have to type something thats on paper its about 30 per minute becuase I don't want to make any errors. But if it is something like chatting etc. around 80 per minute.
i am not sure
i do not check it clearly
I don't know how fast I can type, but it's pretty fast. At least fast enough. I mostly use my iBook which is a laptop.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
It's easy to get 70 wpm with ~99% accuracy on a 1 minute test. How about over a 10 minute test? I was at 58 wpm with 97% in high school, but that was a couple decades ago. Now I type much faster and more accurately.

when I took a test from mavis beacon 16 deluxe and got 78 words per minute and 100 percent accuracy it was a 10 minute test with alot of punctuation or however you spell that.
cnnet wrote:
I haven't count this number yet
maybe 180 words

noway! thats like... EWWWWW thats gota hurt. are you ok?
I don't know actually. Smile but I think its 60 words per minute? Im not really sure about it. Maybe i should try touch type tutor Smile
60 wpm with 98% accuracy and i'm 19. not bad
Mine speed is only at 46 WPM with 4 mistakes but will work harder. In no time i will be faster than i am now.../
I can do 120 words in a minute Very Happy

but I have been working on it for like 5 years!
Where that 35 40 words in a minute Smile
Last time I checked, it was somewhere between 60-70 for normal typing in forums and such. But, for memorized phrases and sentences, it was 100-110.
last time i check my typing speed, it's around 56 WPM. hope i can still improve it.. Cool
may be 200words in minutes

in arabic and english

hhahahhahha Very Happy
I have no idea, and it is it that important? I can touch type which is fast enough for me, don't really need to know exactly how many words per minute.
i am very slowly.....
around 22WPM Evil or Very Mad
how can you all type so fast
^^ Eventually you'll learn to touch type. Takes time though.
I havent test it, but too slow for me.
I may be ranging from 30-50, depend on mt concentration.
Besides, my accuracy is too low Sad .

are u guys been trained formally about typing?
It depeneds whether I'm reading something and copying it down, it slows my touch typing incredibly because I don't know what I am typing where if I am typing something that I have heard in my brain I know what I am typing and where to type, if that makes any sence at all...
Vincent Vale
Mine ranges from 65-75 WPS, depending on the complexity of the text (how many big words there are) and whether I'm copying it or it's something I just thought. Usually when I write something from my head it goes faster than when I'm copying, since I know exactly what I'm typing in my words.
Yeah I think I can type up to 50 or so words per minute? Maybe more. I don't really count my words and the minutes -.- But I would like to know.... Shocked
if I look at my brandnew laptop (asus W2) far too much - most of the keys are hardly recognisable (especially left shift, left ctrl, c, v, s, d) damn OS with all your shortcuts, where is the time where i did everything with by mouse. I ruined my new laptop and my old mouse stays in the same shape
hmm I am not sure yet.
Le me get my hands into a typing sotware to check my typing speed.

ha ha
I have discovered (through trial and error) that my best bet is with my forehead, preferably after a couple of shots, so lets not talk about woids pr. minute, but how many keys at a time can be hit (I have a broad forehead) =), then its just banging the ol forehead on the keyboard ,,,,, ergonomics be damned !
i probably type around 20 wpm... not too great. Also, i dont type with my hand in place on the keyboard.... i "poke" at the keys....
Iver never had the urge to check and i dont think i ever will.
At the moment i am comfortable with how fast i type, and if i dont get better then so be it.
The last time I took any tests like that was back in middle school, where I got around 70 words per minute, with near perfect accuracy.
Elementary school was good to me in terms of typing.
Right now I got a result of 90 WPM with one mistake in a paragraph. The highest I remember getting at my peak was about 110wpm I think.
I'm 14.


Here are your full test results:

- Test Name: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ
- Date: 2007-02-19 01:22
- Test Time: 01:00
- Gross Speed: 74 WPM
- Errors: 1
- Accuracy: 98%


I'm happy. But then again i rarely use punctuation. Only here of course that is only because i can stop and think what i am about to say. I am happy with the speed i type alot of people say i type really fast. If you notice you type quicker when you are typing out a comment or something because you are thinking what to say instead of reading then typing. Smile
What, English is not my native language but I type it faster...still it is fully related to how frequently you type
Captain Fertile
gh0stface wrote:

it said that my speed was 82 WPM with 2 mistakes (adjusted speed 80 WPM).

Well I did the test and sadly it resulted in,

"Your speed was 30 WPM with 2 mistakes (adjusted speed 28 WPM)"

I thought was a lot faster than that but then again I am terrible at accuracy and really tried for 100% accuracy.

So I would have to agree that that result seems pretty fair. Crying or Very sad
I do 124 wpm but I learned at school...
Sometime I even type while watching tv or talking to hubby. That really annoy him, he is jealous Wink

Phew... and I thought I was one of those geeks Rolling Eyes Razz Razz Razz
I have around 40 Words Per Minute according to
Quite low, but I am Norwegian... I think I would do better if the text was written in Norwegian Smile
Your speed was 105 WPM with 1 mistake (adjusted speed 104 WPM)
Captain Fertile
erlendhg wrote:
I have around 40 Words Per Minute according to
Quite low, but I am Norwegian... I think I would do better if the text was written in Norwegian Smile

You type quite a bit faster than me and my first language is English (in fact it is my only language).

I will do this test again at some point I think. Rolling Eyes
33WPM with 1 mistake
Heh. I thought my typing had slipped to at least 70 wpm over the last couple years...

guess not. I got 86 WPM, which is just fine for me, thanks Smile
Several enough that I can't even count them Smile
Fright Knight
I'm not good in typing. 32 WPM with 95% accuracy. But we were using a typewriter in our typing class plus no glancing at the keyboard. I wonder how many words per minute can I type using a computer? I guess 40-50 WPM (still slow though).
Havn't counted for a while, but due a hard teacher as a kid I do not experience typing
as an obstacle when expressing myself through a keyboard. One can always be better,
but I'm not sure it's worth putting any more effort in. Start young and it's like riding a bike.
You kind of do it without reflecting to much. Wink
i can't hardly estimate the average number of words I can type in a minute. it depends on the language or dialect I am using hehehe
looks like the typing test didn't quite work but these days I type one too many words per minute and since my dog had a run at my keyboard I seem to be writing way too many miss typed words per minute since keys get stuck or I push one and another one reacts. Very Happy but what can ya do except try to be less addicted to chat rooms, instant messengers, accept pets for being pets and write with a pen now and then Wink
I took two tests and on one, I got 78 words per minute and the other, I got 67 words a minute. I make quite a lot of mistakes when I type though so I have to keep going back to fix them. xD I'm 16 years and I'm a girl.
I got 86 word per minute with 3 mistakes. Bit worried about carpal tunnel because i think i have it in my right arm(almost cannot write anymore). i didn't realize it was so serous.
Recent typing tests gave me a result of approximately 80WPM adjusted, with 100WPM or so as my raw. My accuracy isn't always that great - I think it is, at the lowest, 90%? On the short tests I can manage 95-99% or so. XD;

When I took the test (three minutes), I used The Wizard of Oz, had a gross speed of 99WPM with 23 errors, and a net speed of 91WPM. My accuracy was, sadly, 92%. XD
I haven't tested my wpm in a while, but one thing I know is that it has gone up a lot with the inventions of instant messengers and online video games. Smile Last I knew it was 50-60ish.
I think its only 30 WPM using english keyboard. I simply cannot use marathi keyboard.
Five years ago I could type more then 120 WPM
Now I think that will be a bit more... (with five years of practise :p )
I went really bad in that test though I'm pretty fast. Not accurate though, and I changed my mistakes Razz Couldn't stand not doing it. It's a reflex. XP And there were some words I didn't understand (my english is poooooor). And I spelled wrong to government since I dunno how it's spelled. It wasn't govrement! -.-
Wow. I am not particularly good compared to all of you. I only got 37 words per minute and I thought I typed quite quickly. Never mind. I don't look at the keyboard though which I suppose is a bonus and I do use all of my fingers.

I think that is quite good for a fourteen year old. How long do you spend on a computer though?
64 wpm

97% accuracy Smile
Mid 50 range.
I get annoyed with the tests so I never really bothered with them but it sounds a bit like this:

That was me typing everything above without a mistake.
On english?
I used Microsoft Word with my mom (she counted words Very Happy ) and it was 92 words per minute with 20 mistakes.
Not so bad.
On russian I have like 120 words per minute with not many mistakes - like 15-20.
I am very slow compared to you all...only 30 WPM!
Actually that proves - I did not learn typing after using the internet for nearly 1.5 years.
60-70wpm w/ no mistakes.
70-80 w/ 1 or 2 mistakes.
Typing stuff like that is harder though.
I normally don't use all that punctuation.
That and I haven't memorized what I was gonna say.
Hope that makes sense.

I remember when this thing came out.
Finger Frenzy
I can't remember what I got.
Was either 2.9 or 3.1
Not as high as some but I'm pretty satisfied w/ the results.
In school, I had around 74 wpm. I rarely use the computer much so that's probably dropped. However, I am an excellent typer and I'm pretty fast considering I do not type correctly (lol).
i test my self ..and i found that i write 20 wpm ... i thank you for that topic .. i will work on improve my self in typeing on key board ... Smile
I first hit 100wpm when I was 14 or 15, with at least 92% accuracy (can't remember exactly)

These days on average without trying I'll do 110wpm minimum but I don't do nearly as much typing as I used to and my accuracy varies from day to day.

I don't use a Natural keyboard (I hate them) and I have never had wrist problems. I also play drums and do martial arts involving a lot of wrist locks. It's all about correct, 'natural' posture which you can achieve no matter what you do as long as you watch your physical positioning of your body.

I'm 22 now, been touch typing since I was 9. I used to practise a LOT Smile.

I've peaked at 209wpm on a speed test, my highest average was about 140wpm or something a few years ago.
all of my computer class teachers have told me im the fastest typer they've ever seen (I live in a small town alright? haha)

Generally I type passages ~160 WPM, but thats been known to go upwards of 200 as well. All my friends think its so crazy but its like second nature to me. I used to pick things up really easily when I was younger, typing included. I've always been pretty quick at it.
60-70 words per minute, without perfect accuracy (but English is not my native language). To avoid problems related to my not so good speed, I usually dictate with Windows speech recognition software. I truly hope they would release it in my native language as well. Razz
I'd say 60 to 70 words per minute is my typing speed too. My accuracy is 100% most of the time, except when I'm too tired or not really paying enough attention.
how can i know that?, I think that many words... but never in a tablet or the tablet can get a damage lol
I can type around 60-70 words per minute on average. I've been working with some typing tutor programs in order to increase the number of words. I also race regularly on type racer.
words per minute, hm here we used to measure beats per minute...
My result from a type test:

Typing speed: 14 WPM -> 70 chars per minute
Errors : 1 Word -> accuracy 92 %
30-40 wpm Smile
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