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PS3 or PSP + iTouch?

Well I have enough money to buy a PS3. I've been saving up for it since my last console was a Sega Genesis and I need to catch up on console gaming. If I bought a PS3, I need to buy its expensive games and continue to spend a lot.

Anyway, a new option came in for me - a PSP. If I would buy a PSP, I'd get enough money to buy another gadget of my liking. PSPs have downloadable games and it would cost less to have additional games but my cousin tells me that most of these games suck.

Anyone to lay me down the pros and cons of each?
Indeed PSP's do have downloadable games, but they are illegal. Keep in mind if you don't have a big enough memory card (yes, 1 GB probably won't do - from what I have seen) then you'll run out of space easily. I own a xBox 360, the games are expensive but I believe that it is worth it. I'd figure that the PS3 games are the same, although it is free to play online. The game prices are a little bit different, while the PSP is cheaper.

A good question to ask yourself is do you like portable gaming? Do you mind the graphics? Do you mind the quality of the sound? Do you like the game play. While the price is still a high priority, whether you'll like it or not is a better question.

Of course, we can't think for you but you need to make these decisions. I'd probably say that I'd go with the PSP + iTouch combo, only cause I do like portable gaming. Although I don't know the pros / cons of the PS3, here are some I have heard from friends about the PSP.

- Portable gaming - take it wherever you want
- cheaper games
- I believe there is a online gaming system for the PSP
- can hold movies and music - so it may actually replace the iPod Touch (which would be a good thing cause I would just use that)
- it also has internet - again replacing the iPod touch.

- Battery Life
- Downloading games is illegal - added that you need to download some things and do odd stuff
- Graphics aren't as polished

I hope this helps.
With a sony PSP and if you know how to hack it, you can download and play any games or movie want. I saw my friend psp game and graphic it excellent, for $100 you can get brand new one on craigslist.
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