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Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a wonderful ASCII game which everyone who appreciates features over graphics will surely grow to like. The project, which started in 2002 as a sequel to Slaves to Armok I, a game which was never finished, is in its advanced stages of alpha and is under never-ending development.

You probably ask - How can a game which is 7 years old can be still in development? For starters, this is arguably one of the most complex games ever created and it's probably the most complex game you'll ever see in years to come. Secondly, this game is being developed by two people only, Toady One(Tarn Adams), who has a third degree in math if I'm not mistaken, and his older brother ThreeToe(Zach Adams). The version of the game is currently v0.28.181.40d. And the update is getting nearer by the moment.

The game has two playable modes and one unplayable mode. The first is the traditional roguelike "Adventure Mode" and the second is the more popular "Dwarf Fortress" mode which is basically an extremely complex and well-done strategy/sim/mining combination of indirectly controlling dwarfs whose purpose is to create an underground(or aboveground) fortress. The third, unplayable, mode is the "Legends" mode which is basically a currently shallow, comparably to the "Dwarf Fortress" mode and the unbelievably gory and very detailed "Adventure Mode", "journal" which tells the history of the world, its historical figures and civilizations, but this is going to improve in the next version.

One of the key aspects of the game is the super complex world generation. The world is divided to regions, from freezing tundras and glaciers to hot deserts and mountains with high volcanic activity. The regions are composed of similar biomes which may contain Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic rock layers, forests, swamps, rivers, lakes oceans, mountains and many more. The temperature, drainage, volcanism, rainfall and hundreds other variables are taken in count and no place is the same. The fauna and the flora are obviously taken in count in creation of the world and even though it hosts many real and realistic features, it is also a fantasy game. Ogres, trolls, undead walking carp killer machines, giants, dragons, titans, hydras, merepeople and MANY many more are all taken in count. And these are only the "uncivilized" creatures. The major civilizations are: Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Goblins and Kobolds, though Kobolds are hardly sentient or civilized. Over the possible 10,000 years and 38,654,705,664 tiles, the civilizations conquer, expand, fight, reclaim, trade, chop down forests, build roads and defeat megabeasts(Dragons, Bronze Colossi, Titans and seven headed Hydras) and you can see all the progress in the "Legends" mode.

ASCII Tileset:

Mayday Tileset:

I won't tell too much to avoid spoiling the game for some players who prefer to discover the features themselves but I'll leave couple of links for you to see yourselves. This game uses OpenGL and thus runs fullscreen on Vista.

The official site:
Recent developments:
Dwarf Wiki:
Russian Dwarf Wiki:
Current Test release:
Graphics Tileset(One of many):
A recent podcast:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Might I add that this game is freeware and lives only on donations. Luckily, a thriving community keeps the designer and the programmer very well financed but a donation will always help.

This is my first post in the Frihost community and I would like to greet everyone! I would really like to receive some helpful feedback and suggestions.
I think you forgot the mention the frequently hilarious and often self-inflicted deaths. Google the Boatmurdered Let's Play to get the idea.

(Also, fortress mode is awesome, but even using tutorials and having the wiki open the whole time, the learning curve for this game is something like a cliff, except you're expected to climb a mile in the air without actually having the cliff there to help you.)
Boatmurdered had one thing we all sure will miss: Berserk Killer Elephants! I didn't mention that and the hilariously inflicted deaths because any player who opens the wiki will notice it in no time.

For the players that want a really good guide, or stuck on a cliff without the actual cliff, like Nameless said, you should probably try Captain Duck's video tutorials:
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