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around here when i tell people what i do for a living they think its the strangest thing...i work on a horse farm, i dont think its strange at all its the best job ive ever had. Does anyone else work on a farm or am i the only hick
Eh...its the same thing here, only I live in a small town that revolves almost entirely around farming Rolling Eyes Still have the city folk that think we are crazy or as some of the really stuck up @$$holes would say "nothing but a worthless farmer" Without us they would starve, so they can think what they want Rolling Eyes Its fun to go into the the neighboring cities when you need a part for a tractor or truck if the local places aren't open. Those people go blank with that "you need a what for a what???" look Laughing

Or you get the people who get mad when your on the road with a tractor, most just wave and go on by soon as we can get over far enough, some start honking and trying to pass, or wont give you time to get over and put themselves in the ditch Laughing I love pulling wide equipment, people get behind and I usually pull over first chance I get to let them through...but get behind me and start honkin, cussin, and flippin me the bird...I'm going to get right in the center of that road and you can just follow me till someone nicer gets behind you. Twisted Evil Even better if not in a hurry, just idle her down and poke along at 5mph Twisted Evil "Whats that, you have a meeting in 15 minutes...Should have taken the highway bud, its another 1/2 hour at this speed till the next intersection" conversation being yelled as the tractor gets idled down even more Laughing Nothing like poking along at 2-3mph with a really POed guy in a fancy car and business suit calling you every name under the sun.

Worked on several farms, beef, dairy, veal, and most recently hogs. Have a couple horses. Gets old after awhile but grew up farming and still enjoy it. Lost my job in the hog barns last month but still have field work to do. Just started bailing hay this afternoon. Early for us but with all the rain and decently warm weather we've had here the fields took off a lot faster then normal. Everyone's out this week, first dry spell all spring. Confused

We sometimes ride horses into town, yet no one finds it the least bit odd Shocked
Though I have never worked at a farm, I think farming is a decent job. Seen green, eating different kinds of fruits, riding horses, driving tractor to harass the people with cars and having a fun in the field is something very charming.

Who cares what the odd people say when you visit the BIG town?
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