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BackTrack OS

Do anyone know about the operating system Backtrack??
What it does?
Backtrack is a pen-test environment on a Live-CD, meant to be used by people who are doing network security tests. By itself, it doesn't "do" anything, just has a ton of specialized tools for penetration testing.
Fire Boar
What froginabox said. Packet sniffers, encryption attacks, that sort of thing. Incidentally, as a disclaimer using Backtrack or any other tool to - ah - "perform penetration testing" on someone else's network without their permission, is illegal. Especially if you find that their network is vulnerable and decide to leech off their internet.
Fire Boar wrote:
Especially if you find that their network is vulnerable and decide to leech off their internet.

Well I guess I am glad that I've setup my network to only accept my mac addresses, else tell em' to go away. Smile

Oh, and if somebody leaches off my internet, I give myself permission to sniff their packets.
Diablosblizz wrote:

Oh, and if somebody leaches off my internet, I give myself permission to sniff their packets.

This. I've caught a few people doing this before, who don't realize that my router isn't your standard issue Linksys and has a few special features to it Wink If I were good enough, I would do what someone did in an internet article once - made all the images downloaded very blurry and flipped text upside down!
That would be pretty interesting. I've known tons of people who have done that, most of them caught and nothing serious but a password being put on the router. (Yes, the networks were password less)
A few people have found their desktop backgrounds mysteriously changed, or a few extra documents warning them of the dangers of stealing wireless internet from someone you don't know put in their folders. Nothing harmful, because to date I haven't had repeat offenders.
BackTrack is a Linux distribution distributed as a Live CD which resulted from the merger of WHAX and the Auditor Security Collection, which is used for Penetration testing. It allows the user to include customizable scripts, additional tools and configurable kernels in personalized distributions. The BackTrack project was created by Mati Aharoni and Max Moser and is a collaborative effort involving the community.

BackTrack 3 was released on June 19, 2008. New additions include SAINT and Maltego. Nessus was not included in this release, and the developers decided not to upgrade from kernel version

BackTrack 4 Beta was released on February 11, 2009, with the biggest change being the move to a Debian-based distribution.
i heard it when i search about wpa cracking. i think it is mostly used to wpa and wep passwords.

and i think it is actually working because i saw many sites talking about backtrack.
Gotta love BackTrack for hacking, but regular use, meh. Learn the tools of it, or it'll just be rubbish too you. l have my network setted in a passworded router, WEP (weak yes, but good for getting prey), Mac address only, but have a old pc as a firewall and only takes the MAC and IP l assigned it too, so pretty useless to leech, plus l'm running linux, so most 14 year olds would have trouble changing anything without root password plus prey will be using windows, leaving it useless too him, l can have more fun with theres Smile

For those who are wondering who l usually get for prey, l have alot of people get FREE (welfare) money(not food stamps, cash) from the gov. in my neighbourhood who rather get trashed at the parties then pay for Internet and try too use mine
, it's ridiculous. Anyone in Canada knows what l mean...
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