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Fight Night round 4 - 30 Jun

Fight Night Round 4 is relaeased 30 Jun !

A demo is coming in the end of MAY! (there is a prebooking demo out now , the same one)

Watch out for this game - probably the most online mayhem this year!!!
I've never played the other Fight Nights, but this one looks really good and a great improvement over the previous version from the videos I've seen. I definitely want to try out the demo.
seek on youtube for fight night round 4 and see!!!

FNR3 is still my most played game (I play it online) ....

I think EA should have NOT put the demo out in advance for a prebooking - just plain silly again... I remember the MCO shutdown as the most provocative thing EA has ever done!
anyone tested the demo? I'm searching for a dummy account so I can get the demo....
the roumor right now says that the demo for ps3 is available i hong kong - domain... hehe
yep it worked - played it yesterday!
tomorrow is the demo awailable at PS3 store world wide - try it!
ITS OUT 25th of JUNE!

Yes a little earlier!!!!

OK so there is a little talk about button mashers wanting the silly buttons - well that is not fair style since it is faster AND it is more fun with the stick.

Also a little talk about it beeing arcady... Well we have to wait and see in the heavy div...
I played the demo a few days ago. It was pretty fun, but not what I expected. In my opinion the game would be a fun rental, but I don't think I'll end up purchasing the game for myself.
It feels a bit arcady - the demo. I hope it is more realistic on the 25th
Right now there is new videos on youtube - some matches - some about Legacy mode.

I believe they have done a good work on this one regarding the legacy and the online modes - besides nothing can beat the online thrill of fight night.

seems like a great game - and no more button mashing.

here is the latest trailer from the game ( site is dutch )
Those vids are beautiful!!! But isnt they falling to quick in the end of the knock out????

Any stiff legs? any jelly legs? nope!

still the most fun game -i hope - this year....
It seems like Sweden have to wait until next week ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Still waiting... zzz

Has anyoue bought it yet????

I played the demo yesterday against my nephew - he just body spammed ... alot of comments are about bodyspamming on the ea-forum... I hope it will be ok to play later this week without bodyspamming opponents...
I GOT IT! yehawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The graphix are brilliant 10/10!!!!!!!!!

And I got a way of defensing me against spammer, keep the distance some rounds - they tire!!!

Magical legacy mode!!

Only let down is the create boxer session, few haircuts predef faces BUT u can upload a photo..

This is a must buy!!!!
I got the demo awesome graphics and rather fun to play on, I like how u can headbutt the player Razz
well in the end rounds it is effective to do illegals because then becomestunned for a couple of seconds..
I really think the countrpounches are tooo powerful - it isnt that in true life...

Online this is a blast! the stamina-race is the key, if your opponent has low or non go to attack!!!

Well so itisnt as hard hitting as in FNR3 but the grafics are smooth!!!
Yeah im top 1000 in the heavyweight championships!!!!!!

And starting on middle too!!!
hm, EA???? Now they have announced a CAB with facebuttons Evil or Very Mad I really hope they got balls to exclude buttons...

It is really a pity that they do that ... it will change the game... but the real setdown is that they make it less realistic...

Hm, EA... how come they always have problems staying with a concept...
I really remeber the time when they closed down the best online game ever - Motor City Online....
now they have a mini patch for the xbox 360 (not ps3 yet) that excludes the HUD for the opponent. And also some weird new judges calc that counts hit procentage instead of hits...

I dont know if this hud for the opponent is any better???? but I suppose a little better.... EA is strange...
no minipatch yet for ps3 - well I can be without it.

Hehe, lightweight seems to have good impact when doing hatmakers- test it!!!
no patch for ps3 yet . hehe...

Really I think this counterboxing is too heavy...
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