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Pokcet PC

hey guys, Tried posting before but maybe something didnt work.

Basically I wanted too ask about PDA as i want too get one, I know they are a bit outdated as the Smarthpone is the thing everyone wants, but me i want my old school pda i prefer them too the touch screen crap - nothing personel.

but i wanted too get a pda that focuses on good compatability with lots of formats like images - as i want too be able too read manga etc, pc software like word and pdf readers, internet - (at some level) media support for videos and mp3 (but this is not as important as my word documetns and image formats i like too read)

basically i want a kindle in pocket pc format with everything else not as important and i dont want it too be a phone, just a pda

any ideas on good one
Get one with Android or Windows Mobile. The HTC Touch Pro, while a smart phone, can do everything you want. Personally, I do prefer the HTC Touch HD to it (because of the larger screen/resolution, I don't mind a touch keyboard like HTC's -- especially on a screen that size). Otherwise, a Blackberry might also be worth a go.

Ps: You could always get a smart phone and simply not put a SIM card in it Shocked
I used to love Pocket PC 'til my touchscreen got unusable. After evaluating between replacing the screen and buying a new brand netbook, I decided the latter. Now I have more space, more speed and more compatibility with my "old" acquisition.
you dont want a phone but a PDA?

well how many devices would you like to carry in ur pocket? a cellphone, a pda, a radio set, your wallet, hankerchief, keys...

m using Asus p320 which got it for over $200 with 8GB memory card. windows mobile 6.1 with 64MB RAM and 128 MB ROM. a little slow but for the price, its a steal.
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