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Tower of Hanoi


This one was told to me by some person who came to my house, and he told it was something invented by monks (And I don't know I whether Chinese or Japanese or whatever). I post it here in the hope that someone will be able to tell me the name of this one, so that I will be able to find out more about this.

The original puzzle, according to him, goes like this :

There are three long poles stuck to the ground. The first pole has 64 discs, with 64 being the biggest, heaviest, and at the bottom. 1 is the smallest, lightest, and is at the top. Now you get an idea of how the rest of the discs are arranged. 1 at the top, 2 slightly heavier and bigger below 1, 3 slightly heavier and bigger than both of them, below both of them, and so on. The other two poles are bare without any discs. The objective of the puzzle is to move all the discs from the first pole to the third pole, in the same order.

The conditions are :

You must move only one disc at a time.
Whenever you move the discs, the smaller should always come on top of the bigger. For example, if you move Disc 1 to Pole 2, you cannot then keep Disc 2 on top of Disc 1. Get it?


Edited to Add : Mathiaus has very kindly pointed out the name of the puzzle, so I guess this topic remains open as a discussion thread.
It is a well known mathematical puzzle called the Tower of Hanoi.

Its one of those worth learning how to do and how to calculate how many turns it will take to complete. It can make quite a bit of money on bets then Razz
Thanks for that fast reply.

Since the original puzzle is solved (me asking what is the name of the puzzle Razz ) I suppose this could remain open as a discussion thread?

Editing the topic title and editing the first post...
We programmed a solver for this in computer class. Our professor told us to research on it the session before the test. I wasn't in that session. So I spent two hours thinking on how to tell the computer how to solve that damned thing. Smile)

Very fun to think of.
I love that puzzle!! It's a classic.
That's good.
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