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Hungry Jacks' Burgers

Do you think Hungry Jacks' Burgers are better?
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Do you think Hungry Jacks' Burgers are better?

If no where do you think the Burgers are best?

Just curious Razz
I have no idea what 'hungry jack's burgers' are, maybe because that kind of company is not in my area/country...

My favorite burgers come from small stands that serve really large hamburgers (they're called 'megaburgers') for a small prize. In comparison to MCdonald's burgers, the size of a megaburger is about 3 times larger than a MCdonald's hamburger and a megaburger costs only about 1,5 times more. Also it tastes a lot better ;]
Hungry Jacks is probably similar to 'Burger King', I agree the burgers from smaller stores/shops are much more fresh and likely to be healthier!

I am from Australia!
michaeljscott93 wrote:
Hungry Jacks is probably similar to 'Burger King', I agree the burgers from smaller stores/shops are much more fresh and likely to be healthier!

I am from Australia!
I think that also depends on the franchise, as in my experience not all franchises are equal. Some for example would skimp on good quality oil by re-using oil the next day (that awful rancid oil smell is usually a good indication of that). The quality of oil is probably one of the greatest factors in differentiating between "healthy" and "less healthy" burger places. If a burger place has a high turnover, better chances are that food will be fresher, depending on the management of course. MacDonalds have some franchises that pride themselves on "fresh" salads and fresh ingredients. Still, if one would visit some of the MacDonalds that are managed with less than healthy in mind, and where oil is not frequently replaced, then it can also be less than healthy. I would agree that there is a better chance of small places having more healthy and fresh ingredients, but there may be exceptions to this as well.
As far as "fast food" burgers go, I used to love a place called Whataburger, but haven't been there in a long time. Otherwise, I only cook my own burgers. In fack, check this out:

3 pounds of ground beef(I use ground buffalo, but lean beef is good too)
Garlic(a few fresh cloves), salt, pepper, and 1/2 cup diced onions(fairly small)
2 eggs
4 portobello mushrooms
1 bottle of decent beer(I use Grolsch Amber)

Knead the seasonings, eggs, onions and about 4 to 6 ounces of the beer(try not to make the meat too wet) into the meat thoroughly(it's a messy job)
Make 8 burger patties at 6 ounces each
Wipe the portobello caps off(do not rinse, that's bad for mushrooms), and place one cap upsidedown on 4 of the burgers, put a small pat of butter on the mushroom cap, with chopped garlic
Take the other 4 burgers, and put them on top of the 4 with the mushrooms, pinch the sides until you have them sealed into 4 big burgers
Cook over a grill(preferably with mesquite wood or charcoal)
They take a while to cook, but they are delicious. You can put cheese inside too, but I don't really like cheese on my burgers. When I find my memory card for my camera, I'll post pictures of the burgers I made from this recipe. They are huge, so you need a big appetite to eat them.
This sounds awesome. Wow! And simple ingredients except for the mushrooms, but I think they must be easily available in most supermarkets. Do you eat this with buns and/or a salad, or on its own?
I like to put it on a kaiser roll, I should have mentioned that. The portobello mushrooms should be available in most supermarkets. Also, a salad isn't a bad idea on the side, I usually try to have some veggies with that much meat. Though it is alot of food(3/4 of a pound of meat, not to mention what's inside), so unless your seriously hungry, a salad or side item might be a bit much.
Those burgers sound great!!!

Do you have Hungry Jack's in your country?
A burger from McDonalds, this fast food has a good smell and taste. I've been ordered for several times. This might be good for me, as for the replacement of food in lunch.
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