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Non-English forum topic


Is there any possibility to make a non-english (hungarian) forum topic on frihost?
I couldn't find any good place for it.
Can it be allowed in the Languages and Translations part?
sure, you could make a topic there.
Hmm, we created and used this topic for a while, but suddenly Helios closed it.
I know, that the Languages and Translations was mostly for translations, but if not there, where can we create a hungarian topic?
I couldn't find any better place for it.
And if there can be Polish, French, etc. forum topics, why cannot be a Hungarian somewhere?
Thanks in advance!
I disagree with Rvec and here's why: Hungarian can be translated rather decently and monitored by English speaking moderators, so it may seem fine at first, but by allowing a thread like that, others will follow. Not all languages are easily translated, therefore not all such threads could be monitored by moderators. It's not acceptable to have threads which cannot be moderated.

Sorry guys, but you'll have to post in English, or gather up and request a forum - though that depends on how many Hungarian speaking users are here on FriHost and on Bondings' decision.
Also, I've opened a topic in the moderator's forum about this, since I felt discomfort closing a good thread (foreign or not), so maybe we'll come to a conclusion to let it stay open, but for now I disagree on keeping it unlocked.
OK, thank you for the detailed answer!
I was surprised why did you close our topic, because there was written no reason for that.
But now it's clear for me, and i can accept your main idea to have the threads moderated.
We can talk in English too, but of course it's much slower and more difficult than in Hungarian.
I think not so much hungarian people use Frihost, so we won't be able to gather up enough.

Also, thank you to ask the other moderators about that, even if you disagree with the reopening!
Please inform us here if you got final decision about this thing in both case (if it can be reopened, or if it stay closed).
Thanks in advance!
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