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What is your Windows Experience Index ?? (For Vista and 7)

What is your Windows Experience Index ??
Below 3
 28%  [ 2 ]
Between 3.1 - 4.0
 0%  [ 0 ]
Between 4.1 - 5.0
 28%  [ 2 ]
Between 5.1 - 6.0
 42%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 7

I was Just Wondering .... :rolleyes:

What is your windows experience index? ? ?

Does the same machine give different indexes to windows Vista and windows 7 ?

Lets Discuss ...... Rolling Eyes

My Lap has a 5.3 base score running windows Vista.

Configs are
Core 2 Duo 2Ghz, 800 MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cash
GeForce 9600m GS 512MB VGA
7400 320GB HDD

And ya, Its My new Lap Wink
This varies between OS. Windows Vista max is 5.9, and Windows 7 is 7.9. I find the rating to be completely useless, it doesn't accurately tell you anything. My laptop is a 3.0, that's average in my boat, and it runs Windows 7 amazingly, no errors and no lag.

Your base score, if you care, is good. It's not bad, except if you're looking to upgrade you'll need to upgrade the RAM and processor. The thing I don't get is why they don't categorize Windows Aero with gaming, it's basically the same thing.
But the problem with Aero is, it always (at least in PCs I check) get a lower score than gaming graphics ???
Yes because they think that Aero is more resource hungry then games, which it isn't. If your computer runs perfectly fine without any lag (from graphics - which 512 is enough considering I am using 128 in a Laptop) then you're fine.

Your laptop is very nice, it's basically the same as mine except you have a nicer graphics card and a bigger hard drive. How much did it cost you?
Around US $ 810 B)

Brought it From UAE (via a friend)

Ya its a nice piece of technology.

Have everything I want.

But It lacks Blueray (wich I've no intentions to ue for about 12 months more Wink )
Well, under Windows 7 when I first used it, 3.0. Razz Seriously, WEI is useless, it tells you absolutely nothing. It's amazing to see that two different runs yield such different results. Considering my computer flies by computers with higher ratings really shows the credibility of WEI. Also, I should point out that the reason my score is a 3.0 is because of my hard drive, which is partitioned for Windows 7 with only 3 GB of extra storage. That dropped the score significantly.

However, with a few tweaks, my WEI shot right up to 7.9. Very Happy Perhaps I could get it up even higher. Wink
My overall is 4.8 and that is my CPU that is holding the score down. With integrated graphics it was way lower but once I got a graphics card it went up a ways.

William, the highest score for Windows 7 is 7.9 and the highest for Vista is 5.9 so you cant get any higher. Also the WEI is somewhat useful but not totally accurate as a hard drive isn't going to effect gaming much yet it can ruin your other scores, but the other tests are more helpful. I guess it is helpful but not something that you can base you computer off of.
My numbers are 5.4, 5.0, 5.9, 5.4, and 5.9 respectively (vista)
I'm held back by the RAM according to those numbers but I don't see the point of them

My laptop is a dell XPS m1530 with some of the upgrades
Ghost900 wrote:

William, the highest score for Windows 7 is 7.9 and the highest for Vista is 5.9 so you cant get any higher. Also the WEI is somewhat useful but not totally accurate as a hard drive isn't going to effect gaming much yet it can ruin your other scores, but the other tests are more helpful. I guess it is helpful but not something that you can base you computer off of.

This was under Windows 7. Note that I didn't "earn" these scores. Believe me, it is not that difficult to increase your score, simply modify a file. Wink I modified the file to show my score as 7.9 for all of the categories (since that's the highest Windows 7 could go). I did it to trick others, but also to show how pointless WEI is. I only set it 7.9 because any higher, one would know something was up. As for my hard drive, I had Vista at one point, and it scored somewhere in the high 4's. Same hard drive, different partition. What's more annoying is that my HDTune results are better than certain hard drives that score in the 5's. These scores seem to be almost random, if you ask me (I know they actually aren't). If you want to measure all around system performance, PCMark actually gives you some meaningful results. But, like all synthetic benchmarks, none of them are completely right.

Anyhow, I suppose WEI was meant for the average consumer to get a rough idea on how it performs. In which case, it isn't too bad, but for serious testing, it's abysmal.
I agree with you. No one shoudn't take WEI too seriously.

BTW, How did you mange to increase your WEI index???
I don't recall exactly, but you go to the directory C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore\ . You'll find some XML file in which you can edit your WEI score. This technique was often used when Vista wouldn't allow you to use Aero because your graphics card scored low. You could change your score to a higher value, and instantly you would be able to use Aero.

thanks m8

Those magesx have lot more info too Smile
Dell Inspiron 1420: DC 1,5GHz, 2GB RAM, Intel X3100, HDD 7200rpm

Score: 3,4 due to poor GPU. Runs well although Smile
Mine is 5.8 (vista) which I'm happy with. Also I recently installed Ashampoo Winoptimizer 6.2 and came in at number 20 on their comparison scoreboard. Which is nice.
It was a well meant idea by Microsoft to have a base score for a system. The score would give you a basic idea of what was slowing down your system, for the common man, then have links to information on how to upgrade memory, and so on. Also they 'hoped' that the software developers would embrace the score and put in on the Retail Box when they sold the software. This would be in place of or in addition to the normal Hardware requirements description. For example, Photoshop would have something like 2.0 as required, and 4.0+ recommended on the box to give the common man some way of understanding if they can run the software. Problem with the system, like most of Microsoft's ideas, is they don't get anyone else involved and don't work well with other companies. So no one uses the score for anything. Good idea, poor marketing.
Never thought of it that way Force, although that way it sounds like a great idea! Too bad it wasn't implemented, as that would defiantly help a lot of users out!
My index is 3,0 !! ROFL (I bought my computer 2 years ago that's why).
It says that gaming rendering is the worst one at 3,0.

The highest is ; Data transfer rate on my main harde drive disk which is 5,4.


Btw, I agree with you too ForceRun. It would be much easier for a "normal customer" to see 2.0 Needed to run this software.
Instead of having all the specs listed.
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