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Dual Sound Card Dilemma

I have a serious question... if you will.

If I installed a second sound card (i actually have onboard sound on my motherboard), or a USB sound card, in theory should i be able to output sound from different programs through which card I choose? Of course settings would be difficult probably beyond my skill level. But my use would be for DJing dances. While using my onboard sound to output music through the loud speakers, would I also be able to use the secondary card with a different program (say, Foobar2000) to output sound through my headphones for previewing music and mixes before i set them live?

Is anything I'm saying making any sense? lol
Ok, this might work or not, I don't even know if this is possible but, If you have two outputs, plug your speakers into the front channel and headphones into the back channel. If each program has a mixer, you can bring all of the dance music through the front channel and all of the preview music in the back channel. I'ts worth a try.
As a matter of fact, My mother board is equiped with an SPDIF optical jack. I tried plugging my head phones into it, but aside from it not working with them as i suspected, i'm sure if I had something to convert the digital signal to something analog head phones could output, it just might work!

now I wonder where I might find such a device at a reasonable price.

You're brilliant Razz
no luck finding a Digital to Analog converter, but I did find a USB sound card not much larger than a flash drive for 20 bucks. Worked like a charm and did exactly what I wanted it to! I took it back though to get the 30 dollar one with a microphone jack, and optical digital output. Mostly only for the mic jack though.

Fantastic! Now I feel like a high tech DJ!
Windows does such a bad job at sound, and sound devises. But you can do what you want, it just is not very easy.

As always, the easiest way to mess with sound is with a hardware mixer, so the computer and its software doesn't do it.

If you want to do it the hard, but cheaper way you usually have 3 ways of changing the sound devise that will be used for your programs.
1st: The program has sound setup in it's options, and lets you pick your output and input.
2nd: You sound card has a software mixer for changing through the different inputs and outputs, but this is usually system wide.
3rd: Windows Sound Control Panel - System wide change.

So fire up your first program i.e. itunes for the music on the main speakers.

Goto Windows Sound ControlPanel and change the sound out put to say you headphone jack then fire up you next music program and start that going. Itunes will stay with the system setting that it started with and the next program will be on the other sound output.
ForceRun wrote:
Windows does such a bad job at sound, and sound devises.

I must concur. lol. Windows does a bad job at a lot of things... But at Least the job gets done! most of the time..
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