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Friend's Parents Don't Like Me b/c I'm Atheist, etc

A year ago my best friend's parents told me that I could not hang out with their daughter until I proved to them that I believed in god/was a christian. To this day, my best friend still insists on sneaking behind her parents back and hangs out with me, and even invites herself over to my house.

The thing that bothers me if that her parents told ME that, not her. My friend is 18, but her parents are very controlling and she has not stood up for herself with them, and she does everything they say. They have once told her that she was not moving out of the house until she was married, and that she couldn't get married until she was 20!

Based on this information, I don't know if I should just stop being friends with her. It is not HER fault that her parents feel this way, but she refuses to disobey them. As I said, she is 18, and we are about to graduate from High School in a couple of weeks. Soon we'll be getting ready for college. I'm wondering if it is worth being her friend still. I've told her how I felt about hanging out with her after her parents said that.

I am not sure if it is my pride getting the best for me or not. It seriously hurts me that she thinks we can go on being the best of friends while not telling her parents. Because of this, I can't be involved in her life outside of school. I couldn't go over to her house to help her with her hair for prom, and I don't want to go out to eat with her -or just go putt putting or bowling, etc- b/c her parents tend to follow her around without warning.

The fact is, her dad is -bleeping- crazy, and I don't want him ticked at me.

I also feel like she thinks she is better than me, not just because I am atheist, but also because I am not a virgin. I've seen the looks she has made at me, and the looks she has made at other people when they say they are not a virgin.

I just feel like she doesn't respect me.
It must be difficult to stay friends with someone who is like that, I know I would probably get annoyed a lot and try to avoid that person if I ever thought they thought I was less worthy because I was not a virgin like they, or because of something I believed in, or didn't.

I don't want to say something bad because I don't know her, or you, but being 18 and sneaking around the parents back is normal, if it was about a boy, not a friend.

Her parents does seem a bit crazy, maybe they think that if she has a friend who is different she will turn into that to. and even if you say it's her parents not her that are like that it doesn't mean that she is not brainwashed by them. even if it doesn't show on her that she thinks like them it doesn't mean she will never start to think that they were right.

You could just stay friends with her, if you do enjoy each others company then there is a possibility that you will remain friends after you finish high school, and that she might stand up for herself, but most often children who doesn't have the guts to tell their parents that hey want to stay friends with an atheist will usually never have the guts to stand up to them, unless something happens and she suddenly gets courage.

If you do decide that it's for the best to walk your own path then don't worry, many looses contact after they start collage, if they go to different schools and live different places.
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