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How to access the shared folder and printer in Windows 7?

Does anybody know how to share a folder and printer for local network in Windows 7?

I tried but it would not allow me to access that computer.
Are you connecting to a printer that's connected to Windows 7, or are you trying to connect to a printer that's on a different Windows.
One of the items that still doesn’t correctly function is Shared Folders. Fret not, because there is a simple workaround that can provide basic functionality. Also note, that this method works for any Windows guest, and could be adapted for a variety of other guests.

First, a quick word about the host OS: It must be running some implementation of Microsoft Windows network file system (SMB/CIFS) networking to work. If the host OS is Windows, you’re all set. If you’re on a Mac or Linux host environment, you’ll need to use Samba. Fortunately, Samba is nicely integrated with modern Mac and Linux releases. As for the guest OS, you’ll need to have some sort of networking enabled. With the revamped host networking in 2.1, I highly recommend you use that if at all possible.

As long as the above requirement is met, you may share the folder you want to access. I say “may” only because if your host OS is Windows, you can access the hidden drive shares directly. If this is the case, skip the next section and head right for the next paragraph. If you’re new to sharing a folder, here are the steps to accomplish it.

Windows 7 Map Network Drive

4. The “Map Network Drive” dialog box will open and you should configure several items:
1. Drive: Specify your preferred drive letter. I chose “S:”, but any available letter will work fine.
2. Folder: This should be defined as “\\HostComputer\ShareName”. Alternatively, you can specify the IP address instead of hostname. Because you are now on the guest OS, this should not be “localhost” as above.
3. Connect using different credentials: I like to check this, just to ensure I can specify the correct login and password instead of using my current user.
4. Press the Finish button

Windows 7 Map Drive Options

A new window should open with your new share. You can also minimize this window - exposing the underlying Computer window. A new drive letter under Network Location should be available.

That’s it, you’re done. Windows shares don’t always behave as easily as they should, so if you encounter an error, don’t give up. Keep trying and post the error in the comments.

See more details here:

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