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Can you find photoshop for less money?

I need it so badly but I can't afford $600. I really need it for my layout site and I could learn so much from it about design.
You don't need Photoshop - everything can be done with other piece of software. Photoshop is VERY powerful and well documented, but surely if you can't afford it you should look for something cheaper instead.

There's plenty of quality and reasonably priced graphic software available (even freeware) to make the layout (or parts of the layout) and the one I would recommend is PhotoImpact - not very expensive (around $50) ideal for advanced graphics (but still ok for newbies) with plenty of options, filters, layers, masks etc - all designed for web graphics. One of the best for web purposes.

I hope you don't want to use Photoshop to also make all the coding for you - the code generated that way is rubbish - there's too many unnecessary tags, spacers etc. Making any changes to layouts created that way is quite challenging.

Good luck!
you can use gimp for free
True, GIMP is also very good although not so simple to use, especially at the beginning, but once you get used to it is quite powerful. And it's free too (as mymyhope mentioned).
Thanks for the suggestions. I may try gimp. Although I still want photoshop because so many people use it and it is the easiest to find tutorials and compatible extras for.
Well I guess you'll have to buy Photoshop if you really want it. But to be honest, GIMP is good.
fruitcakelyts wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions. I may try gimp. Although I still want photoshop because so many people use it and it is the easiest to find tutorials and compatible extras for.
GIMP has very good tutorials too. And it is much more sophisticated than what you would think. There is more support for it than for Photoshop, and the support for Photoshop usually comes with a price tag for it.
what about I have PS though, so I use that... BUT I found it a good replacement when working on stations that dont have the software installed...
Are you a student at a university? I got mine through production premium cs4 for $300 that way, some schools have even better deals.
I would have to agree about GIMP. There are alot of tuts for it and its very powerful. I used it for awhile when i first started and though it was really good.

As for Photoshop I love it .. and I dont really use anything else. but it is expencive. Maybe you could find it locally.. i mean ive seen people selling it on craigslist for pretty cheap. or if you have a friend in school they could get you a discount.

Another way would be to dl it. but then you would have to work on activating it. that is another route you could take but if you using it in a office environment i wouldnt recommend it. I first dl it and then when i started working in house i had to get a legal copy cause i was taking my laptop to work and that caused a problem... lucky i was given credit for it through the company.
+1 to what snowboardalliance said. If you are a student of any kind or know someone who is, you can get a much cheaper version of the entire creative suite. It will be the educational version, however, which means that you can't legally use it to do freelance work, etc. but you can upgrade from the educational version to the next version and that is much cheaper than just buying the product outright.

Hope it works for you.

i get mine 300 too.
but there is limitation to what i can... no free lancing work of coz.
beside that there are tone of the T&C..
all work are declare as common creative propeties...

so now better get the commersial suit...
i think that the corel draw is much chaeper... abit...
i am not sure about it.
if you want to apply some particular effect, you can always find a web application to do just that.
You can also find a free alternative, there are many.
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