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Dead Space - Masterpiece or lastest kiddy tale?

Has anyone played it yet? What are your impressions?

Personally i have not played it, i had a couple goes on the console (i could not continue as i am not well adapted to the non-mouse targeting) and i watched almost all of the areas being blood soaked by my girlfriend. Happy days as she was terrified to no end and my occasional etra 'FX' gave a near-heart attack. I think graphics are very good, but you do have to have a decent graphics card to feel the beauty. Impressive music and sounds. Keeping you tensed all the time by playing freaky tunes that you associate with an attack by the enemy even if there is no one around. A nice variety of monsters, no overly similar beasts. A good battle system, concentrating on the quality of the shot, rather than letting you blast away with hundreds of bullets. Ability to upgrade you weaponry and suit. Random places, rooms look very different, lot's of room to explore varying from outer space to monster-infested growing rooms. Blood, gore everywhere, but the whole atmosphere was made to force you to forget the usual bloodbaths which give you yawns instead of a shot of adrenaline and leave tensed and freaked out in a manner of 'who could have done such a terrible thing?!'. Decapitated in half humans are being kept alive by the ever spreading alien-form infested surroundings, dead bodies being brought back to life to kill you in any possible manner. And you have a, though not a huge but a versatile, arsenal of pistols, saws, flamethrowers and pulse guns to blast the alliens of the orbit. But don't be fooled - just any shot will not kill them, play smart as there are designated places for saves and limited amount of bullets and med packs around. In my opinion, it is a very successful game worth the money. It has actually succeeded in making me cringe, something that has not been done in quite a few years.
It is a good piece work, they used several game mechanics inspired from the resident evil series and Bioshock. Most games that do this often fail but they hit the nail right on the head.
I didn't find it good enough to keep playing. Something about the story and the lack of innovation kicked me. Altough I must agree some systems (borrowed from other games, of course) are well implemented.
I rented it and played it all the way through, and found it to be overrated. I thought the environments were all pretty uninspired and repetitive, and the gameplay was the same. But then I often dislike space-themed futuristic shooters, and I don't know why: Halo, Gears of War. I don't even like the Star Wars films. D:
I was skeptic about it myself. I mean we've all seen space-themed/horror games and how many failed to do intended? A lot. Dead Space did impress. I mean it might have been better (rumors of Dead Space 2 are already in the net), but one thing speaks for itself. How many glitches did you get? None for me. The game was well prepared
Oh, yeah. I suppose I haven't taken enough into consideration here.

While I didn't like the gameplay nor the repetition, I did like the visual style while it was fresh. The graphics themselves are very good, and the sound design was fantastic. I didn't encounter any glitches either, to answer your question. It's a very polished game.
Never played it, but decent reviews from friends. Seems it might be more relevant in the horror genre than anything, but yeah, not too innovative.
I played it a little while ago. Indeed the whole behind the character camera deal "survival horror" style takes a while to get use to, but once you get it, game play become pretty smooth. The graphics are pretty good and the pace is good too. It did keep the suspense up and I was at the edge of my seat a few time. My friend described it as the most scary game he's ever played, personally I find that the silent hill games produced a much more scary atmosphere, but dead space still does a good job.
Yeah, Dead Space is more of the "something's going to jump out at you" horror while Silent Hill (disregarding the most recent few games) was more of a deep-set, psychological "getting under your skin" horror, which I enjoyed more.
joe_042293 wrote:
Yeah, Dead Space is more of the "something's going to jump out at you" horror while Silent Hill (disregarding the most recent few games) was more of a deep-set, psychological "getting under your skin" horror, which I enjoyed more.

Hah, yeah. Personally I enjoy the old Silent Hill games more then the new ones. I mean, the graphics in Silent Hill Homecoming (on the PS3 anyway) were absolutely incredible, but the game play didn't really do it for me. Hopefully Shattered Memories will return to the series past success.
Oh, about the topic title and everything, I'd think it's very hard for a game like this to become a "masterpiece." It may be well done, but there's nothing drastically innovative, and it doesn't exactly summarize a genre. The only real "masterpiece" FPS games are really Doom and original Halo, and I wouldn't put this on those scales.
i got the game on my ps3 and was literally terrified but could not stop playing it. it was sooo realistic the graphics were awsome, i havent finished it will... if you like the game hook it up to a 5.1 surround sound play it on a 46" 1080p tv hehe gets kinda scary coz of all the gorriness
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