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Coast to Coast by Lambretta

Just got in from another exhilarating couple of scooter riding days & rattling off another coast to coast, but this time with a bit more extreme riding involved than normal.

On my driveway ready for the off, with my 3 pals from my scooter club.

70 miles later & we're approaching Goathland in the North York Moors, setting for ITV's "Heartbeat" 60's TV drama, having linked up in Wakefield with the hardy ScooterStu.

There was even a choo-choo train in the station to greet us (also a setting in the Harry Potter railway scenes).

Then it's on to Whitby, for a mug of tea, made (much to Andy's delight) with real loose leaf tea, and poured through a strainer!

From there we nip down to the beautiful Robin Hood's Bay for the start of our Coast to holding up well.

First tough stretch is the challenging Chimney Bank in Rosedale...supposedly Yorkshire's steepest road, accessible only after miles of rollercoasteresque baron moorland ups & downs.

A well earned mug of tea in Thirsk.

Sadly ScooterStu had to return home for work the next morning, but not 'til he'd helped me put up my tent in a field, nestled tenuously behind a flimsy dry stone wall...the wind howled and the rain lashed in most of the night & the next morning looked drab & grey....the promise of crap weather was looming large as we were about to head into the Lake District from Hawes.

Approaching Kendal

At a wet & windy Lake Windermere

The stunning view into Langdale from the Ambleside - Coniston road

Into Langdale & the approach to Wrynose Pass...a brilliant road, whatever the weather

1st & 2nd gear only here....steep rise up & up to the left, massive drops off to the right of shot

From here the weather closed right in, and wouldn't improve 'til we got back down to Bradford 6 hours later...constant rain lashing us in the winds....we were all soaked & blummin' freezing for the rest of the day.
We headed over HardKnott Pass, sleet mixed into the rain in it's upper reaches & visibilty right down to a few yards.
We made St Bees to "finish" the Coast to Coast, but still had to return the way we'd come (I'd never done the passes from west - east....rivers of rainwater cascading down the zig-zags, making the ascent & descent even more tricky....those gearboxes really got some stick today, and all the Lambrettas performed superbly.
The final throes of HardKnott Pass.

Back home, the 130 miles or so in gusting wind & driving rain, but still not spoiling what had been a brilliant 2 days....thanks to all the blokes in attendance who made it what it was!
440 miles in 2 days, in great company....perfect !
Thanks for sharing this with us. Awesome photos, but also great places you visited. Quaint and special. Really enjoyed looking at it all. Smile
Thank are some more, taken by the other wollas........

Caught by the Fuzz

Me & Dobbo descending Wrynose Pass, behind a shilly-shallying nervous type in a Merc frusty

At the very top of Harknott Pass. Taken on the way over towards St Bees.....coming back a couple of hours later the weather was fowl & though still only mid afternoon, you wouldn't have been able to stand & take a pic, let alone see owt on it !

Timbo tanking up to the top of Rosedale Chimney

The Wellerchap

Dobbo makes it on an engine he's running in!
Thanks Wellerchap. Great "action-packed" photos. Wish I were there. It is hotting up here in the Middle East and getting into the forties degrees Celsius these days. Envy you the rain and cool moist outdoors with lots of green!
deanhills wrote:
Envy you the rain and cool moist outdoors with lots of green!

Believe me....the novelty wears off pretty quickly! Very Happy
What the heck are you doing out there? Working for a living?
wellerchap wrote:
deanhills wrote:
Envy you the rain and cool moist outdoors with lots of green!

Believe me....the novelty wears off pretty quickly! Very Happy
What the heck are you doing out there? Working for a living?
Good question, I've been asking myself that for quite a while now. Am I working for a living? Time to make a move! Smile
deanhills wrote:
Am I working for a living?

Hey Dean, start worrying when you get the "living" bit wrong! Very Happy
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