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The trebuchet Project

Klaw 2
So a while ago, august last year I asked for some good information about trebuchets.
Science behind a trebuchet

Well we completed the project not so long ago and now I'm posting the results for the people who are interested. The site where I usually upload pics to is gone and I have a replacement however I don't know if it works, they are prommising to pay a couple of cents per 1000 views so there must be a catch of some sort. I't may not work or you can get some advertisement or something...

Anyway, we built a trebuchet

To give you an idea of the size, total arm lengt about 2,10 meters height heigt from ground to axle is 1,20 meters.

click for bigger image

We used 17,5 and 21,0 kilograms as the counterweight and a tennisball filled with sand as a projectile. (There are only a few lightweight counterwieghts on the pic because this was for the picture)

The results are here:

(Well the site sucks I'm going to look for a new one.)
Gagnar The Unruly
Digging up a 3 year old post and then saying nothing but 'yup:' that's some A+ trolling.

BTW, the trebuchet is cool.
Klaw 2
what the H are you talking about?
Gagnar The Unruly
The second post in this thread got deleted last night... I'm not going crazy, I promise!
Klaw 2
this was posted on: May 06, 2009
It's not three years old it's six days...
If you are reffering to the post that I refer to it's only six months old it took a while to get the project done but we had 1/2 a year.
I really don't get it...
Gagnar The Unruly
OK, I'll explain what happened. Someone replied by saying 'yup.' I called them out on being a lame troll, and then looked at your 'joined' date, got it confused with the posted date, and thought the thread was three years old. It was late and my brain wan't working well.

Since then, a mod has apparently deleted the post I was referring to. So, there you go. Anyways, cool trebuchet.
Klaw 2
Ah ok I missed that post, so I was very very confused... 3 years lol Razz
anyway thanks.
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Science behind trebuchet
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