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Windows 98SE and a ghost.

So here's what I've done::

--Had a hard drive with Windows 98SE
--Someone else Ghosted that (this is the problem HDD) as a backup HDD
--Original HDD dies
--I Ghosted this second HDD using Norton Ghost v14 (made sure to include the option to copy MBR) to a significantly larger HDD
--My new HDD with the ghost of the second fails to boot
--The second HDD when set as master fails to boot yielding the message "Windows Protection Error. Reboot your computer."

After seeing this error I did followed every step and direction on the Microsoft website relating to this problem (

This also includes a binary search of the startup by doing a step-by-step startup and I have managed to narrow it down to the drivers windows uses. However, I can't find a workaround to get the bloody thing to boot.

Now this wouldn't be a major deal, except I also cannot get windows 98 to boot from disk. I have inserted the floppy that came with the CDROM that allows the machine to boot from CD, but it hangs at the driver selection every time. And no, upgrading to another OS is not an acceptable alternative, for whatever reason this client demands his machine be windows 98 despite every plea I have given him =\
This might not be the best way, but it is a way nonetheless. Buy another hard drive, and install it. Install windows 98SE onto it. Install the second ghosted hard drive and mount it. Hopefully it will mount. Copy the data over onto the first, and copy all the registry values over into the main system. Erase the second drive, put it back in the box, and take it back. Like I said, not the best, but it just might work.
this is a possible solution, though no reason to have three HDDs, I already have 2, so i can just use the second to install and restore from the original ghost. I will have to give that a try when im back from vacation, though I wonder, wont restoring the registry files muck up everything and cause it to boot improperly?
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