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Any knitters around here? =)

I used to knit a long time ago but then I stopped, and now I'm taking it up again. Anyone else like to knit?
I'm horrible at knitting but I really want to learn how to do it.
I knit and crochet. Either is a great hobby, because you can do little projects that you can stuff in a purse or backpack to keep yourself from going crazy when you're bored (DMV, doctor's waiting room, bus stop, etc.) and eventually have something to show for it.

I spend all year making afghans, hats, scarves, stuffed animals and various weird things while I have nothing else better to do, and my friends and family damn near cry over their lovingly hand-made (and inexpensive) gifts at Christmas.

Right now, I'm actually making something for myself for a change - I'm crocheting lace sleeves to sew onto a wife-beater shirt.
Also knitted long time ago. Know a lot about it - needles, crochet - but lacked productivity.

For some it is a breeze, they can knit without looking at it while watching TV, making a sweater within a month.
For others it's an abstract knowledge like geometry, and practical applications take forever to finish - an year or more for a similar sweater. It makes no sense.

Instead of work of love, it becomes a chore. One loop: insert, down, pick up, pull, repeat 3-5 times for complicated pattern, check for identical size, start again. Another loop. Another loop. And another loop...
Not one sweater, another sweater Laughing

By the way, I met only two productive persons, and tens of others, like me Wink

Good luck and the best wishes.
My favorite knitting quote came from the movie Das Boot.
back when I was young I used to have like this plastic kind of knitting I used to play with... I forget what it really looked like... but i think it had like a hexigon mesh part that u feed the plastic yarn through
I learned how to knit at the age of 7 at school and made many garter stitch dish cloths! LOL! Now in my sixties I still love to knit and have knitted many, many things over my life time.

At present I am knitting a mauve jumper for my daughter.

We both also crochet and I am also busy makning snuggle blankets for the cats home Smile

Take care and all the best

I remember knitting when I was in elementary school. I'm in college now and I can't remember how to do it anymore.
I'm trying to find time for knitting or crochet, hopefully after I finish my MA and in full time employment then I could do it on the train

anyone who don't know how, get yourself to a club, I'm sure club members would help if you ask kindly. As far as I know, they're free to join and you're not obligated to attend regularly.

It excellent for stress relieve and making things yourself it always more worthwild
I actually crochet, but I would love to learn how to knit. No time though.
Anyone heard of urban knitting? google it if you haven't
Yes I love knitting. It is a great hobbie, like someone said earlier, one great thing about it is that you can take your project with you anywhere, unlike a sewing project or even scrapbooking where you need so much stuff or a big heavy machine (and power) I used to knit on the bus on the way to work.
Right now I am knitting booties for my friends who keep popping babies out!!
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