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Doctor Who - General Discussion

I did a search and found a few DW and Torchwood related threds but not a general one. My apologies if such a thing exists but I couldn't find it.
Anyhoo... Doctor Who. Love it to bits. I grew up with the "classic" series. Some of my earliest memories involve being scared wittless by Daleks, Zygons, Sontarans etc
Loving the rebooted series and Tennants portrayal of the Doctor. They enriched the legacy of the series and taken nothing away. The heart is still there wrapped up in shiny effects. Also loving Torchwood - series2 especially.
How much of a Who nerd am I? I've got an extensive collection of DVDs, two Sonic screwdrivers and a large TARDIS money box, books magazines etc. I'm a Moderator on Doctor Who Online and admin of my own forums: Hotel Omega. Pretty nerdy then.
Over to you ...
Hey. Discovered Doctor Who back in 2005, and was very happy to discover that old series was fantastic as well, possibly even better - ended up watching the last decade of that, and seeing a few good stories from other Doctors as well. Becoming a Doctor Who fan comparatively late, I don't have childhood memories of being scared by Daleks, Cybermen, Axons or anything.

Every Doctor is brilliant. Having been exposed to the Fifth Doctor at first more than any other, he might be my favourite, but each Doctor is wonderful in their own unique way, and in the individual way that the actors have put their spin on the character. What David Tennant's done with the role is definitely inspired though, and great to see someone in the role who loved the series when they were younger as well.

Actually, I pulled out 'The Two Doctors' last night, and realised that I hadn't watched any classic series in a while.
hi i'm here ! I'm just a lowly member of DWO (ever so humble ! ) but along with Zygote (above ) I am the co-creator of Hotel Omega .. I even beat Zygote-hotelomega for nerdiness .. I have almost every Classic story on DVD or Video, every " New " story so far released , a tardis Moneybox , A dalek Moneybox , A die cast Cyberman , various Micro Universe figures A who calendar , a couple of posters and various books .. In fact I have a Dr Who wall in my bedroom ! I am so never getting a 2nd date with anyone ! ( PS I'm 45 !! ) ( PPS , did i mention the album full of " Battles in Time " cards ? )
I've only seen bits and pieces of Doctor Who on PBS when growing up, but I got into it later on. When BBS America started showing them, they started with the 4th Doctor. So, I saw a few episodes there. I watched the American version movie with the 9th Doctor.

I love the new version of Doctor Who and it is very nice that to see that they are staying true to form. We are currently watching Series 3 on DVD. We're a bit slow catching up, but by the time we get through Series 4, then Series 5 should be on it's way. We've also rented the very first DVD when Doctor Who started, and that's interesting to watch. My goal is to eventually get through the entire series in order, even if it means reading the book versions of the "lost episodes".
Could take you quite a while to get through " The Mighty 200 " Very Happy The missing stories are available on soundtrack C.D if you can find them ! Oh and then there's all the Big finish stuff and all the original novels ..etc etc Rolling Eyes
I'm also quite fond of The Sarah Jane Adventures A Spin off concerning the adventures of the Doctor's erstwhile companion - Sarah Jane Smith
William Hartnell.. Is he Over - rated ?
Omega-hotelomega wrote:
William Hartnell.. Is he Over - rated ?

As the first Doctor, I've come to see him as a crabby old man, lol.
I must admit I'd give up any Hartnell story If a Troughton one could take its place in the archives.... Very Happy
Did i mention the almost sexual thrill i get when i spot " Who " merchandise in a thrift shop ?

Laughing Laughing Laughing
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