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Breaking adsense rules?

as far as i know, you are not permitted to put more than 3 ads in a page. But there are 4 ads in the frihost forums. click any thread and in the forum, there are two ads at the top, one at the bottom and one at the middle. Are you allowed to put 4 ads in a single page?I am myself confused now. Anyway, if you are allowed, i have to modify my site...for 4 ads... Very Happy

Ok, now i know that it shows four ads if you are a guest. When i sign in to create a thread, there is no such heavy traffic of "ads".
The 3 or 4 ads limit is not set by google as far as I know. This is just said by some google adsense expert. Most of them say that it is better if you put only three ads in a page but that is not a rule as far as i know.
I got it. You can place 3 ad unit and 3 link unit. That makes total 6 adverts(3 ads and 3 links). Frihost has 3 ads and 1 unit. so, it is not violating rules!
And, google stated that
Product-Specific Policies
AdSense for content: Up to three ad units and three link units may be placed on each page.
If google wanted to enforce this policy, they could very easily ad it to their scripts to prevent you from advertising that much on one page. (Make it impossible for an advertiser to over advertise.)
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