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Adobe Audition

Recently i heard about a software from Adobe called Adobe Audition...!! I could learn that it was some thing related to music recording..!! Actually i am into music and thought to ask you guys about this software so that i could find out whether this could be of use for me...!!

So can you guys tell me the actual use of this and working or suggest better software compared to this...!!
Adobe Audition is geared towards music; mixing editing and just general (digital, obviously) audio editing. It used to go by the name 'Cool Edit Pro' until adobe bought it out. (Something they seem to like to do these days, picked up that trick from Microsofts history I would guess).

The application has a fair amount of features as well. It has a bit of a learning curve but I am sure there are quite a few online tutorials that will allow you to get a comprehensive introduction to the software. Or maybe just a general introduction if you want.

Only thing is the newest version (v3) is still fairly expensive as is all Adobe products. Roughly $400 but you will be getting a professional application. The only issue you may have is having a Sound Card on your computer that will allow you to use all the functions within the application. You will need inputs for instruments or recording devices, so if you do not have that, the price just went up more than likely $200 to get a high enough quality card to do such work.

One thing Adobe likes to do also is make their software's output file compatible with other adobe products. So music and audio work is easily moved to other applications like After Effects.

As I said, it is professional software, but there is also another version / application that is more geared towards independant / amateur digital audio editing skill set. This is called Adobe Soundbooth

For more features of Adobe Audtion go to:

For more features of Adobe Soundbooth go to:

Now the real question is, what is your price limit? Also what do you really plan on doing with your music you want to create. If you can answer me these questions I may be able to name an application that is more geared towards you.
I forgot about this software. Adobe has some good software, I'm going to give it a try. My friend does recordings with protools, but I'm curious to what Adobe can bring to the table.
Actually i had softwares Audacity and Goldwave... But one of my friends told Adobe Audition is the best for song recording...!! That's why i asked ..Is there any free download...??
Da Rossa
Adobe Audition is a very good tool for audio editing. I personally find it even better than Sony Sound Forge and Audacity, for my needs. I still use the 1.5 version!
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