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Software Design

Okay, so i'm studying SD at school and I think it's so boring/hard/lame. I've just finished PHP coding and Binary,hex,oct and i'm prac falling asleep when the teacher explains it. Although it's not in detail and i still thought it's boring and very repetative.

A couple days ago I considered taking up this course and doing another course at uni/Tafe (Australia) but the subject currently is turning me off, I hate it! Is anybody doing some sort of computing job or studying anything to do with computers currently? If so can you tell me what it's like outside of high school.
In the industry, all what you study in SD has plenty of applications but you should enjoy it in order to be successful in building a carear into it. PHP and bin/oct/hex conversion is just a beggining, there will be other things that will appear very boring initially but will turn challenging as you go further into it. You should have very good mathematics in order to excel in this field.
If you find a good computer science or software engineering degree you'll find that what you are taught is far removed from what you're taught at the moment. My degree (not australian) is highly mathematical based.

Also, theygo so far as to not actually "teach" languages specifically. Although they do provide crash courses, for example in C, they tend to go hand in hand with modules on (for example) functional programming, object-oriented design or logic programming. They figure that if you're bright enough to be there and know the principle then you can pick up the languages you need yourself.

A lot of the really cool stuff you need a lot of background to understand. Genetic Algorithms (evolving programs) and Cryptography (security and how to break it) to name but two areas.
Denvis wrote:
A couple days ago I considered taking up this course and doing another course at uni/Tafe (Australia) but the subject currently is turning me off, I hate it!

Please, please, please tell me you didn't do SACE/VCE IT and expect it to be anything like that complete bludge (waste of time) Sad

Also, if you're attending TAFE, I think we've found your problem o_o
Software development in areas you do not have a personal interest in is simply a mental experiment.

If you are programming for a banking application, that is part of your job, and many users will be using it, the "pressure" will surely keep you alive and devoted.

You are studying without a real life case or problem to be solve, and this does not drives you to explore all potential of the development environment.

So the boredom is really a lack of problem-based teaching.

Try and dig for or give yourself a challenge to use the language in, then it can be very interesting.

Personally, I was attracted to programming some 30+ years ago, when the first programmable calculator appeared. My friend loan it to me for 2 weeks, and I challenge myself to program it to calculate the trajectory setting for artillery firing. I have to resort to my physic and maths theories to complete my first self induced challenge (I was then the Training Officer for artillery).

Hope this does inspire you to cope positively with your course work.

With best regards.
You should do some practice on your own, preferably chosing a project you have some interest in. If you can't find any, you probably should reconsider where you want to get. We always face some boring stuff in our lives, but quitting the goal is not a solution. Just find out what is your goal and keep in mind that the goal is what matters.
I'm studying it at high school year 11 preliminary course atm. I'm also doing IPT atm i find it a lot more interesting and easier to understand, maybe it's the teacher. It's a complete bludge and I learn nothing. Looking at the job opportunities now I think it's too hard. I know i sound like a panzy "oh this is too hard i'm going to quit" but I guess it's not my thing Software Design. Thanks for the responses.
You are welcome, and wish you all the best in your study.

With regards.
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