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Lunching May 2009 New Amazing Search Engine WolframAlpha?

New Search Engine WolframAlpha, lunching May 2009.

WolframAlpha is quite different from Google and other search engines,
some said that "WolframAlpha is the next Google killer",
some said that "maybe WolframAlpha is actually wrong to call it a search engine at all".

Visit WolframAlpha on May 2009.
Is WolframAlpha will be an amazing product?
How you think about WolframAlpha?
Sounds like hype to me, I find it highly unlikely that this search engine will yield more relevant results than Google.
WolframAlpha, announced that it will lunch on May 2009.
However, until this day (May 06, 2009) it still unavailable online.
Continually wait, it may be lunching soon.

I tried to look it up, and it is still unavailable except for selected users. They asked for e-mail addresses, so thought I would rather leave it and check up later.

I believe there is really a need for a good computer search engine, especially for courses on offer, and software guidelines and tutorials. If you Google these, there tend to be a lot of junk, so hopefully this new search engine will be set up in a way that there would really be good Websites, rather than just purely commercial and junky ones.
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There are a couple of articles about it, check CNet, it won't be a "Google killer" but it does look interesting.
It does appear that there are a few downsides. One is that the syntax of the question has to be very exact, otherwise the engine will fail, it's not something the masses will flock to.

It will be more of an engine those who have very specific questions will use, not someone who is looking for the best car insurance.

I'm looking forward to trying it, but once I do, I don't expect to go back ever again.
Well...I don't think that it would be successful as Google is...!! Anyway let's hope for the best..!! Let's wish it all the success and wait for it to be launched and wait for the results...!!!
It is interesting to figure out just what they mean by Google Killer. What do you all think it would take to bring down Google? They'd have to win the affection of the masses so they could build their links. But Google is doing so many other things than search these days that I think it would be next to impossible for a simple search engine to simply "kill" Google.

Plus, what kind of a name is WolframAlpha? That is pretty difficult to remember.

Anyway, just my thoughts
WolframAlpha.. pretty hard to type and memorize it.. I hard to believe it will beat Google even for the next 10 years. Maybe it can be famous among webmaster.
Yes..its right...!! The name is confusing... The makers should have made it easier to remember...!!
Wolfram|Alpha is not a search engine i guess... its a knowledge base.. its pretty cool .. but one thing is that your question must be precise otherwise it will not show result...

Iits not bad though Smile
Wolfram Alpha not an alternative to any of all major search engines; it is another type of search tool that complements others.

I've read from somewhere that Wolfram Alpha does not spider the web, as other search engines do, it accesses the hidden web, carefully selected databases that may provide reliable data.

They (Wolfram Alpha) themselves call it 'a computational knowledge engine; "Making the world's knowledge computable".

Wolfram Alpha now available online, I try searching something but always got the result... "Wolfram|Alpha isn't sure what to do with your input." and when searching for one word such as "sprinkler" it shown the result as a dictionary. Next I click on the box shown "Search the Web" they sent me to Google's result page. Confused
I like the idea behind the Wolfram Alpha knowledge base but the downside is a little high considering the fact that the keywords must be specific else, you wont get what you want. At the same time, i think the developer should forget about bringing google down.- it will take more than that to bring a site like google down. Wink
Well I think there have been soo many new search engines poping here and there telling they will be the next Google killer. Most of them are already gone and few whcih still servive cant pass even Yahoo or MSN. So this is not the first one and wont be the last one too. People need a good reason to go for a new search engine. So far none has abled to do that.
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