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Internet TV

I'm told there are 'units' you can buy today that will connect to a computer which is connected to a website that streams TV programs. The same unit then broadcasts a low power TV signal that can be received by any TV within range i.e. within a house. TV's receiving the signal from the unit, need no modifications or external equipment.

Does anyone know about such 'boxes'. This sounds very cool because many think internet TV is the wave of the future.

Comments .... ideas ... suggestions? What kind of unit - computer interface is used?
There is already television on the internet, and it is quite live. I was once watching a man attempting to commit suicide both on the television and on the web (just for fun) and it was delayed by about a minute. It was a Buffalo TV station, so I can't remember which one it was.

I haven't heard anything about separate "boxes", other than media centres that can connect to cable directly, that connect to the internet and you have the ability to watch movies. I do, although, believe that they could possibly be here in the near future.
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