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Landwirtschafts Simulator 2009

I started playing this game about a week ago,
my first idea was like woah another lame sim..
But when i got further into it i realized the potential of the game.
Its a Farming simulator,with pretty good graphics.
You can mod basically anything,like the map or the vehicles
There's a huge userbase wich make new stuff everyday
I made a map for it,if you want it you can get it here:;sa=view;down=233
some pictures,of my map:

What do you all think about this game?
If you've played it have you made mods for it or created your own map?
I'm a bit surprised that it's none outside Germany, and what surprises me even more is that you say you realized the game had some potential - I just saw it for a few minutes when someone showed it to me and said "yeah... so... you can drive around... and stuff... there aren't other persons or something... pretty lame." Very Happy
So, is there a bit of "backstory" besides "harvest this" and "harvest that"?
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