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Classical music

Does somebody besides me likes it? Smile Go on, tell your favourites.
I couldn't enjoy it when i was younger but now when i am 20, its just for me.
I like classic music and probably there are many others here that like it too.
I studied piano, so I like particularly of Chopin, but nowadays as I developed my voice (I'm a choir singer) I'm enjoying other composers, like Verdi, Mozart,...
I have always loved classical music, it could be because my mother always used to put on a cd with classical music when she put me and my sister to bed when we were young, but I have always found classical music (some) to be relaxing and nice to listen to, mostly the melody.
I also listen it occasionally, but because good plays are hard to find on the internet, it's still a small minority to what I listen.

I am 17 years old and I love to listen classic music.

For me, classical music is very good and I have heard of studies made by some Universities about it's benefits to human's health. At least, for me, classical music has helped me to relax and to avoid thinking in bad things.

I have played the piano two years ago and sincerely I like so much Concerts for Piano by Beethoven...and my favourite one is, without doubt, the Emperor!

My favourite interpreters are Grigory Sokolov (he comes to Oporto, Portugal, 21st May and I will se him playing two Beethoven's Piano Sonatas, no.2 and no.13 Smile), and Evgeny Kissin!

Sorry of my bad English but I don't have English since I had 15 years old! Smile
classical music is really cool as been used to it since young..always love Chopin and Beethoven heaps..especially on the piano concertos..they are beautifully the Piano Concerto in Em and although entirely prefers Romantic period more than the others, I'd find Bach, Bartok, Benjamin Britten, Ravel somewhat intriguing and interesting..Grieg lyrical pieces and Tchaikovsky are also great pieces to play ;D
Some of Mozart's Sonatas and Arias are excellent! They are worth listening to.

And then, Beethowen's Symphonies are always there ...

I feel that classical must be something of the past ... modern artists who try to recreate and create classics never reproduce the same quality.

Who knows! Maybe 100 years later the Hip Hop and Pop that we hear today will be deemed classical!
samjog wrote:
Does somebody besides me likes it? Smile Go on, tell your favourites.
I couldn't enjoy it when i was younger but now when i am 20, its just for me.

wow dude a like it too..Since when i was a kid, my father taught me how to play a guitar while we sing a song..It's all oldies but goodies! Very Happy
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i like listen classical music.

when i listen VÝVALDÝ , im very relax.

best four season
I listen to a lot of classical music, especially when I'm trying to learn a new song for the violin (I've been playing for about 7-8 years). My favorite to listen to are very joyous songs like Bach's "Bradenburg Concerto No. 5", and my favorite to play are baroque songs such as Handel's "Queen of Sheba".
_AVG_ wrote:

Who knows! Maybe 100 years later the Hip Hop and Pop that we hear today will be deemed classical!

Mmm, don't think so. There's classical music being composed as we speak but it's a completely different genre from Pop or Hip Hop music.

You'd be surprised at how much is being composed and how "classical" it sounds. For example, a really famous contemporary composer is John Williams. He has composed the music for at least 10 top selling movies in the past few decades. Just to mention some: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Schindler's List.

There are also other composers with a less "classical" style. One of my favorites, who happens to still live and perform not only as a composer but also as a conductor, is Penderecki. If you listen to his music you'll probably find it quite new and perhaps a little bit aggressive, but after some time you'll learn to appreciate it's merits.

Some less radical yet older composers from the 20th century are often "easier" to approach since their compositions tend to be harmonic and present a clear melody, which helps the untrained listener. I don't know much about music theory but perhaps someone who does can explain why these more "classical" compositions tend to be easier to listen than more radical ones.

This next video is neo-baroque, I think (someone more knowledgeable could confirm?) because it's built with a baroque structure yet a modern sound (lots of dissonance, for example).
(Last one is absolutely RECOMMENDED. Wink )

Hope you like it.
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