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Impressions of Ireland

Have you ever been to Ireland?
Would you like to have a holiday there?
What do you think of Ireland as a holiday destination?
your thought would be appreciated Very Happy
Never been, always wanted to go. When I lived in Charleston, SC, USA, there was a great little Irish Pub. Owned and operated by a guy from Ireland, so it was the genuine article. I talked to him alot, and he said I should definately go to Ireland. My friend went once, and said it was amazing. Maybe one day I'll go.
I would also like to visit Ireland. Relatives of mine have and it is a great place to see with lots of surprises. I love Irish pubs. The nicest one I can remember from a decoration and space point of view was one in Tucson Arizona. I think it was called Murphy's Pub. It also doubled up as a nice Mexican restaurant.
I heard there is a beautiful place. Looking forward to ...
I have been, for St Pattrick, last year, it was awesome! It is very nice, green all around, people are very lively. I was in Dublin and in Donegal, in the very north of the island. In Dublin, where I stood longer, there are lots of pubs, the buildings are low, mainly with red bricks and black windows. You should be tough in drinking to resist a night with irish people Smile).. The people are very chatty and friendly, quite a nice experience. I would fully recommend it!
Best advice if you want to see Ireland at its best is to find somebody that has visited before.

And as always, tripadvisor is a good idea to ensure that you are staying in decent accomodation.

Ireland is not a cheap country and certainly there are certain tourist traps that are best avoided. But if this can be managed, it is well worth visiting.
Ireland is wet - very wet - very, very wet ! Do not go there if you don't like rain. They say that if you see the mountains it's going to rain soon, and if you can't see them then it's already raining.

Get the message - IT'S WET !!!
Twotone wrote:
Have you ever been to Ireland?
Would you like to have a holiday there?
What do you think of Ireland as a holiday destination?
your thought would be appreciated Very Happy

I've spent three days in Northern Ireland (Belfast and Armagh) and One day in Dublin.
I went there for an interview (I didn't get the job for a stupid motif - they asked for an Artworker but when I got there they said that in fact they are looking for an Art Director).
Well, this wasn't a good motif for them to excuse my long flight (which I paid it).

Armagh was almost empty - I learned that area is always like that. I don't like "deserted" (in term of pupulation) towns but the surroundings were beautiful.

Dublin was... like in the movies I saw. Smile There is a smell of coal over the town - which remind me about the winters in my grandparents area.
* All over the city people were almost drunk (in fact, a couple laying in a corner asked me if I want a shot of whiskey from their bottle - this was funny Smile ).
* I love the parks and I LOOOVE THE ENGLISH MILK. English or Irish, the milk there is awesome. Smile
* In Dublin they have a system - you can leave your luggage in a pub (2 euros/day I guess) and you can visit the town "in light version".
* Dublin is full of Polish people.
* Even I was sleeping, I knew when I crossed the Ireland border - the roads are not so good as in UK. Smile
* Irish people seems more "human" over English. I like Irish, even they are more drunks there and the roads are not so good. Wink
Great place, great people

If you like Golf you will love it

South Ireland (Eire) Rural and has Dublin

Northern Ireland industrial and has Belfast

Imagine a square with the top right having its own square (top right square is northern ireland)

Remaining parts of the bigger square is Eire.
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