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Cat owner!

I currently have two cats, one all black with white boots and another thats a mix of black and white.

I got them from a cat rescue place where stray cats need a home, I took them in.

I really enjoy havign them around, most of time watching the cats rather than the television hehe.

Cats are great pets Very Happy You did the right thing by adopting rather than buying.
I adopted 2 cats aswell, 1 black and white and the other had a nice tiger motif.
unfortunatelly the second one died last year.
the vetrenarian said it was "cat desease", not sure how that is in english.
the poor bastard. I still get blurry eyes just by thinking about it.

I still have the black and white one... and he got BIG, in height, not as in fat.
I love the little bugger, even if he slowly takes my place appart. Very Happy
yeah, cats are great assuming they actually hit the litter box and don't throw up constantly..

Same here, only adopted just one, while two more clearly wanted to go home with us.
Unfortunately, with local laws about licensing, vaccination, veterinarian fees I can't afford more, even if legal limit of cats per household is 3 and there is plenty of room, food and loving care for more.

Two cats on the neighborly streets were abandoned recently, people in the block started to feed them. I joined, also tried to find owners by posting "Found" online. No luck, but a lot of people are persistent in their attempts to find their beloved pet.

These street cats were not abused or lost long time ago: with a glossy fur, not starved. If there was owner, it was good.
Pity that there is no warm home in the winter for them.
I was adopted by a mama-cat and her kittens.
Minnie, the mama cat started eating out of the food bowl we put out for the neigborhood stray. He didn't mind and I planned on getting her fixed before her next heat. I had no idea that she already had a litter of kittens hiding on my neigbor's porch.
As soon as her babies were eating solid food I got her fixed, then I got all of her babies fixed.
Minnie is friendly and will let you pet her and so is one of her babies. The rest are kind of stand-offish.
They are all beautiful animals and I am honored to have been adopted by them.
I love cats and had them as pets growing up. I adopted a male orange kitty a while back from the humane society, but then found out my daughter was severly allergic to him. He now lives with my dad. He is being spoiled. Wink But I miss him. Sad
Wonderful to see the posts about cats!

We have 12 ranging in age from fifteen months to sixteen and a half years. We are soon to wlecome a new little one in a few weeks.

All of our cats except our breeding cats are of course desexed. All of our cats are also totally indoor cats and always have been. We are at the moment building an outdoor enclosure in the garden for our stud boy.

We are registered breeders of pure Siamese cats, but we also have a British Shorthair Silver Tabby, two Japanese Bobtail companions and all the rest are rescue domestics, one from a pet shop and the others from cat shelters.

We love them all very much and they are a big part of our lives.

We are very involved in showing as well as breeding and have made many friends within the cat association and clubs.

Take care and all the best

When i taking about cat i always missing my old cat his name is lai . He gone away till now i dont know where is him
I lived in a house with 4 roommates, and a lot of space...even 2 kitchens in this house! We all wanted a pet, so we finally adopted a cat from a neighbor. The day before we were to take her to the vet to be fixed, she escaped, and came back pregnant. She had six darling kittens. They were ALL spoiled. Before they were fully grown, my grandmother gave me her parrot. He stayed in his huge cage most of the time, and lived in my room. All the cats were terrified of the cranky old bastard, as were most of the humans!

Just as the kittens were cusping on adulthood, we found another kitten in the middle of the highway. We called him Boots. The rest of the cats were too old for his insistent, rough playing. But he was a talkative sweetheart, and managed to find his place among the family.

Boots was growing like a telescope, ever bigger and taller. But he was still kittenish. Then, in our own backyard, we found a 2-day old kitten. His eyes were closed, his umbilical cord was still hanging to his little belly. So we took him in, and spent 3 weeks just trying to keep him alive. Anyone who's tried to do this knows how tough it can be when a kitten has no mama-cat.

But he lived. We named him Haru. They all lived, they all got fixed, and got their shots. It was difficult and expensive, but we did it. Now we all live in different places. Each of us took one or two cats...basically whichever cat had adopted that human. I gave my grandmother's parrot to a friend's father, who needed the company of another grumpy man. I kept Haru and one of the kittens from the original litter of 6. And I miss all of the rest of them.
jabce85 wrote:
yeah, cats are great assuming they actually hit the litter box and don't throw up constantly..

funny but sometimes true. Got stuck with a kitten I was watching for some friends while they were on vacation. When they returned home, they moved to a different apartment only to find they were not allowed to have a cat! The cat, Alex, was a farm cat but looked like a seal point siamese. He was good company for many years.
I always prefer dogs, and I think the feeling is mutual. Cats always seem to hate me a little. Maybe if cats liked me more I'd be more prone to like them...
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