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Adobe 9.0 problems

Tony The Tiger
I have been having a lot of problems with Adobe Reader 9.0. In February, when I prepared my income tax returns for 2008 for the Internal Revenue Service using forms from their own web site, I encountered problems with some prior year forms and was unable to enter data in those them on Reader 9.0. I actually had to switch to my 2003 laptop, which still has Reader 8.0 installed to perform data entry on my tax forms.

Now, I have been trying to use the Illinois State tax forms and have been able to enter the data in the 2008 forms. However, I am unable to print them from my 2007 Laptop, which is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion DV9000T with Vista Home Premium to my old October 2005 Brother MFC 4200 CN printer, for some reason. The printer driver does not seem to be recognizing the .pdf file type. This seems odd because reader is a software program that is suppose to be universal.
Now there is hello, the version 9.1.1. I would update the progrief. Then maybe the problem is away. And it functioned Easily.
Hello, the update has helped? Or was there another problem? The solution would be interesting certainly also for others. If somewhere else the problem also appears.
My mom had a weird problem like that....anytime she tried to open a government related pdf, it would completely freeze the computer.
Adobe just takes up soooo much space, and I find it completely intrusive. I like its new look, I just don't like the product. I still use Acrobat 5.0 full version for doing my basic export of text and art, as well as building PDF files, but the newer full versions just are quite horrendous to install.
I think the latest version of Adobe reader is 9.1.3..!! Trying that may solve your problem i think...!!
Tony The Tiger
My hard drive/motherboard has crashed. I have to ship my laptop back to HP for servicing. They will wipe out the hard drive and I will have to reinstall all kinds of software. When I do, I will install all the latest versions, including the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Possibly, the newest version will solve my problem.
If you just need a PDF reader I would recommend, foxit reader. After I found out about it, I ditched Adobe Acrobat reader. It's much more lightweight and faster. With smaller PDFs it may not be obvious but you get big slow downs in Adobe Acrobat Reader when you start scrolling though 100+ page PDF files and it's much smoother in Foxit Reader.

You can grab foxit reader here:
9.0 seems fine for me, I have not had any issues yet with it.
for some ready adobe 9 is messed up for me too...

if it doesnt open full screen (opens as a window) i can view the document.. but if i maximize the adobe window, the content doesnt maximize.... it just fills up the new screen space as gray

on my other 3 computers it works fine........
By the way is there any freeware for converting PDF files into word documents..?? If there where can i get one..??

And what i need is a fully functional one..!! And that should be free..!! Please suggest one..!!
Tony The Tiger
nivinjoy wrote:
By the way is there any freeware for converting PDF files into word documents..??

Can't scanning software do this. I use Scansoft Paperport.
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