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Free Text to MP3

I want a Free Text 2 MP3 program. Do you know any program that converts text file to mp3 or wav file with clear voice? I want to convert english text. And, I want a Free Software!
I used a program some time ago, and its nice the name is Text Aloud MP3 developed by Its available to download free trial version DOWNLOAD
Hope this will help your need.
You could always just have microsoft sam read it out and record it with audacity Laughing
I found this more of an entertainment, but you might find it useful Wink
TextAloud reads text from email, web pages, reports and more, aloud on your PC. TextAloud can also save your daily reading to MP3 or Windows Media files ready for playback on your iPod, PocketPC, or even on your TV with Tivo's Home Media Option. Be more productive or just be entertained wherever you go with our text reader. Our TextAloud 2.0 release is here and packed with new features!

If you haven't heard computer speech lately, you'll be amazed at how human-like the latest voices really are. Click Here for a sample audio file created using our text to speech converter with the optional AT&T Natural Voices™. We also offer exciting premium voices from Acapela™ and Nuance RealSpeak Voices™ to bring you the best quality and personality in speech for your PC.

You can download a totally functional 15-day evaluation program here:
weableandbob wrote:
You could always just have microsoft sam read it out and record it with audacity Laughing

Microsoft's Sam is not that convenient. That reads more like Robot.

I better prefer TextAloud MP3. You can use natural voices there. Its far more better and I have use it. I'm telling you my experience.
ok thanks for the good software
Try ShitTalker. Though I don't think it can export it as MP3. You have to use some other recording program for that. It has a lot of different options for the voice, so it's not as boring as Microsoft Sam.
If you have a Mac, you can find some development application for that in the developer folder (you need to custom intall Mac OS X).
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