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Nvidia Firewall.. Any good??

Im going to get a new computer with the Nvidia Nforce4 x4 chipset. On Gigabytes pages, under drivers, there is a link to download something called Nvidia Firewall. Have anyone here used it?? Does it work like a regular firewall??
Blackout Angel
instead of downloading a firewall that like you should use summin like, zonealarms or windows xp sp2 firewall that what i use.
yeah it is gd ive got it Very Happy
I would use's the best free firewall I've used yet. I use it even on my computers that have McAffee Security Center pre-installed because it's so good for security.
No no no, You should not use Nvidia of Kerio Firewall. You should use Sygate Firewall Pro.

Look on
Why not Kerio?

have you found problems with it or else? Have you expierence with it, on do you only base it on the article that you gave? I have expierence with it, and I'm glad about it!! In my opinion is Kerio a good one.
Use sygate m8, its the best free firewall you can get.

Here's a link -
I have it, then I got Zone Alarm (the free one) and set it to anti-hacking only. Should I just get rid of the nvidia one? I was probably going to, because it uses Apache 2 and I want to install Apache 1 for testing.
use ZoneAlarm its reliable and Free!!
I wouldn't trust it as your main firewall since it can not be updated or adjusted to your specific needs...
Any free software firewall is better!
never knew they made a firewall, i just use norton 2005 firewall.
MonkeyWrench wrote:
i doubt it,lol, nvidia is only good for graphics cards etc Razz

I might disagree about them being good at creating vid. card Laughing
If we are going to talk best firewalls, I would a hardware firewall like IPCOP All you need is an old 400ish MHZ box. Load IPCOP onto box with multi NICS and you are all set. Very easy to configure and comes loaded with features. Cheap way to get excellent security accross entire home lan. Its opensource and free!
I use Kaspersky Anti hacker and I dont have problem but dont find serial number. or possible use the MKS_vir antivirüs program and it has also firewall. %100 Wink
Didnt get many usable answers here :/

I asked if anyone had tried the nvidia firewall and if it was any good. Not if anyone could tell me what firewall they think is best. But anyways, i have installed Norton firewall now...

MonkeyWrench wrote:
i doubt it,lol, nvidia is only good for graphics cards etc Razz

Nvidia is actually the biggest chipsetproducers for amd-processors. And the chipset is what the mobo is built around, and the mobo connects everything together. On my mobo they have included a little chip that includes hardware support for their firewall. That means you get a firewall that doesnt steal so much CPU since it has its own chip on the mobo...
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