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Red Alert 2

Who plays Red Alert 2 over here??? Laughing
i never played it

i hate it

it's not easy
Now i have bought myself a new pc and installed red alert 2 again. the gameplay is great but the grapihx are not those of the games of this time
Grafix are so so, gameplay is awsome! i remebr i used to play it on my P3 500 Mhz computer, it used to rock in its days, i personally liked yuris floating control panel, looked cool on this guy, and the video's which were professionally produced by hollywood producers, awsome soundtrack, excellent storyline, killer startup video. What more do i need to say about the game! The thing ROX!!!!
Elbow man
I used to love this game to death (almost). I only played campaign mode, because an error would pop up and crash the game each time I played skirmish, which was annoying and sad.

Still, it's a pretty good game, including the cutscenes.
I used to rock this game, but I lost my allied CD, so I can't reinstall it on my new machine. Crying or Very sad
I broke my allied CD and cant install either.damn I love this game...
I played it too, some of the best games out there in my opinion are the Red Alert/ Command and Conquer Series.

I still have this game and play it from time to time.... I remember I used to play it online when i first got my cable modem.
RA2 was one of the games i ahd in my pc when i 1st bought it. well the story line's nice and all but the 2d graphics are a bit lame compared to RTS games of today..
i love this game!! when i was younger i playes him all the time.. it's the lovely and nostalgy game ever Smile
I LOVE ra2 its best game of ra virision !!
I like soviet version.I still have it.
I love the Cartoons/Movies in Germany but I never played the games, might try it out then.
i think its ok put i prefer Genrals
Man a few of us used to play that over the internet every once in a while. 2 vs 2 rocks. Smile We'd use Kali and pretend it's a LAN, worked great once you actually got it working.. and sometime some random person from some other continent would join - lotsa fun Very Happy
you just made me remember now i'll install and pass it for the 100 time... great game one of few i really like
ShinSven wrote:
Who plays Red Alert 2 over here??? Laughing

I hated it, too.
We can not play online together.
So, we hate it, now!
Very Happy
Yeah i play RA2 but that was a few years ago.. 2001 i guess.. it was really fun during those days.. we even resort to cutting classes jst to play it.. Very Happy it was fun playing either allied or soviet.. there's so much tactic and weapon combos..
But just like evry othewr game,.. the excitement died down maybe because of the release of much better RTS games.. but still RA2 is one of the best strategy games plus its expansion pack Yuri's Revenge.. Its nice to play the campaigns once in a while just to relive the RA experience..
cant' wait too new ra or c&c
i liek it but is hard...
nobody plays redalert... it's to old I think
I played it for a little while brought me back to when i was playing redalert 1 like 4 or 5 years ago man that was some fun stuff now ive been more into the battlefield games Twisted Evil
This was the third online game I ever played(MUDS were first, and Quake second) I loved this game to death, and was quite good at it as well. I still have the CDs, but I havent played in years....
i think that on those cd's is a big pack of dust:P

ra2 is a good game for the time but if u look at the games of now u see that it is better but not every think

i think that the gameplay of those old games just was better then te games of now.

and it was then "new" if now ra3 outcame it was jea play it and u got another game in a mond

just the sp of the games are so short and mp is oke but sometimes u just want to play sp
Dj Close
i ended the game
game nice
red alert 2? in the past this was what we played (friends on LAN only). yes it is imbalanced but it was such a good game that i didn't mind. i rememberd when i played against d ai and superweapons were on... i survived only two superweapons... i also finishd d campaign...
anyway the Tanya missions were d best... 'Rolling Eyes'
What a Game!

This has to be one of my favourite games of this type, Its a shame I have no idea what that "type" is. Laughing

(Maybe a Commander/Battlefield Commander gametype)

Either way, its a thrilling game to play and it really heats up when playing over the 'Net.

~~Boris Has Arrived~~

I still install and play the coop campain at lans sometimes, yes generals in newer and flasher, but Red Alert 2 is just fun. Plus it's got Rusans, not the gay GLA. Well, soon the next C&C title will come C&C T3, so that will bring back a lot of the orginal game play with updated story, graphic, and sound. It should be great. Plus for all you old C&C player the First Decade (All the games playable by XP) should be out soon. Only the graphics pre RA2 are really unplayable.

Remember the old RA1, I tried installing it a little while back, and after a long time just to get it to work, it just wasn't fun because the graphics suck so much, lol....
I love this game. It´s easy and still very challenging in hard mode!
Try it if you haven´t!
I tried it but didn't like it much. Currently playing Oblivion. It rocks. I bow down to the makers. Razz
used to love this game. the gfx were bad though, so once i won it never touched it again. not much of a 3rd person gamer anymore. MMOs all the way.
I think Red alert 2 is perfeck game.I love this game. My favorite country is russia. I think apocalypse tank is the best in game. Laughing
I loved Red Alert 2 the best! It is the first real-time strategy game I had ever played. Especially with all the mods available, it made more characters available, which increase the 'funniness' of the game...
I still play in school with my friends, even though it is not allowed.
We don't use a legal version, a release group made a smaller image without the movies. we delete the singleplayer ourselves from the .mix files.

Result: A image that fits on a flash drive.

It's fun multiplayer

We DO own Red Alert 2. :P

Anyway the game is still great!
But I prefer Comand & Conquer Generals

What about you guys
Omg red alert is the best online strategy game ever!

It's almost for free, you don't have to have good pc, i don't use a lot of transfer, and the game-play. Everything is pure, no 3d "shit" like other games when you have to move camera to see diffrent things, which pisses me off.

I play only that game in free time for 4 years or more + Yuri's Revenge, and i still love it.

Once i even won WTF? T-shirt! Laughing
As if anyone can hate red alert 2!
I love to use the airplanes from the Allied. 6 of them is enough to bring down one building, which is preety cool, except when they met flak cannon...
Red Alert 2 Shocked

Really great game, I like to build tesla's.

Anyone knows cheats?

For PS1, thanks.

Also, for Red Alert 1.
I'm looking forward to the new Command & Conquer comes out.
I don't remember it's name, but it would be a collection of the greatest Command & Conquer games and with a lot better graphics Razz
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