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Networking my printer (XP)


I have Sharing Turned On

I have in the past successfully networked my printer to my second computer. I have bought a new computer and have attached the printer to it (USB).

I have not been able to get my second computer to detect and run the printer that is attached to my new computer.

This tutorial shows the steps I did on my previous setup which worked.

However now my second computer will see the main computer (one with printer) but it will not see the printer.

Not seeing the printer. So the printer does not work..

Previos set up that worked

How can I get my computer to see the printer..

Any pointer please..

thank you[img][/img]
Make sure every windows firewall is turned off, and make sure your router allows printer sharing (some don't). I had difficulty with this too, but resolved it by changing the network settings, I forget where but it was a matter of changing sharing permissions on the printer port!

Even if you turn file sharing on, there's a bug in XP so you have to do it manually.

good luck
I don't really want to turn the Windows firewall off.

This is very odd, as my previous XP computer had the same setting as this new one.

I guess nothing is simple in this computer world..

You don't need to keep the firewall off, just turn it off to test that it is the firewall denying the access. If turning off the firewall does allow sharing, then it's the firewall. I've also had problems between Vista to XP, something about bidirectional support.
don't use add printer wizard. it will screw up everything. if u already add it with wizard, remove it.

just go to network, go into the computer with the printer, you will see the printer.

double click it, windows will tell u that you need to setup the printer first before u can use it, and ask if you like to set it up now. click yes, windows will fetch the driver (or if it's different OS windows will ask you to provide the driver, which you can by using the installer cd).

after that it will open the printer window, and now you can use it.
This is was my problem...
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