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How to get good, restful sleep?

For the last several years, I've been waking up a lot during sleep, so when I wake up in the morning, I am still very tired and it affects my work during the day.

I tried to eliminate all the things that woke me up. It's dark and quiet in my room, I won't eat or drink couple of hours before bed time. I don't read or watch anything too exciting before bed. I still wake up during the night.

I don't know if it matters but I realize changes about my dream. I used to have those crazy, advanturous, not daily life related dreams where the color is usually darker, and the dream is more quiet and steady. Now, I basically dreams about what had happened during the day and it's more noisy and jumpy.

Anyway, how is your sleep? What is your secret of getting a good night sleep?
A good sleep highly depends on your habit. Don't drink too much coffee just 1/2 cups a day that should be enough. If you smoke than try not to smoke before the bed time. I get a very good sleep this way. And I always use internet and surf web before I sleep. This has become a kind of habit for me.
I also find that food and stimulants make a difference for trying to sleep. Not eating too late, trying to stay away from coffee, and eating high-protein meals well in advance of sleeping times. Exercise is also important for me, but usually during the day time, not at night. Something aerobic and outdoors in fresh air.
I don’t have problems with sleep if I get tired during the day (not too much!). Being active is very important, exercise, being on fresh air. Having a dinner or coffee late at night is not good idea. Also having exercises in the evening is not good idea...
The most important thing is to have bright light during the evening and turn them all off at once to go to sleep everyday on the same time. Your biological clock WILL recognize this if you keep on doing this for a bit longer period of time. Also get up at the same time everyday. Do this all, even if you haven't sleep. It will be tiring on short term since you miss a lot of sleep because you can't keep on sleeping if you DO sleep, but it will have a great effect on the long term.

Furthermore there is one old remedy that science has proven to work: just before bedtime, drink a glas of warm milk with a bit of honey.
I mostly just tire myself out and then crash. This means I sometimes get quite little sleep but it also means that when I do sleep, I pretty much just pass out for the whole time. Also, sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night, I try to read a boring book. Usually does the trick!
Drinking a warm cup of decaffeinated tea can help some people sleep; chamomile in particular seems to help. However, your sleep could be getting interrupted due to stress, especially considering that you now dream about what's happening during your daily life. Reading a book before you go to sleep, to get your mind of the stresses of the day, might help you sleep better. Smile
You can also drink warm milk, or eat a few lettuce leaves before going to sleep.
Tnx for those tips !
Ashtray wrote:
You can also drink warm milk, or eat a few lettuce leaves before going to sleep.

Do you cook the lettuce leaves?
psleang wrote:
Ashtray wrote:
You can also drink warm milk, or eat a few lettuce leaves before going to sleep.

Do you cook the lettuce leaves?

I don't. Because many properties are lost when cooking them. However, you can make a small salad and add a soft dressing so as to make it taste nicer (Though I have no problem in eating them alone, but that might be a problem to people that don't like lettuce very much Rolling Eyes )
Yea I have trouble sleeping alot also. I've pretty much tried everything haha.

If you dont mind trying you could try weed.
If this is bad to post please tell me and ill edit right away.

I never smoked/or anything with it before, but basically my friend offered me a special cookie and i probably took like 1/4 of it which is like 3 inches of cookie lolll

When i went home I passed out so fast, and had the best/deepest sleep in along time.
i have sleeping problems too.. Crying or Very sad
Thank you so much for all the tips.

I starting learning TaeKownDo recently. I go about three times a week for about 40 minutes each time. It's a great work out. I sweat like crazy and I feel great.

I've been sleeping much better since, no problem falling asleep and sleep until the morning. I also feel so much better after I get up. I used to still feel very tired even after a 10 hours "sleep".

If you too have sleeping problem, try working out.
psleang wrote:

I won't eat or drink couple of hours before bed time. I don't read or watch anything too exciting before bed.

Now, I basically dreams about what had happened during the day and it's more noisy and jumpy.

Don't eat or drink?
Maybe you don't sleep because your too hungry?
Don't read or watch anything to exciting ?
Maybe your not enough ''stimulated'' before you go to bed. When I don't do anything interesting for a while before to go to bed I'm starting to think about tons of things, and when I go to bed I'm thinking too much and it takes me more time before I really sleep.

For the dreams, did you change job recently ?
If you dislike this new job comparatively to the one you had before, it could be the reason why.

I hope I could help you, I'd also say don't stop to try new things to sleep better !
working hard and drink a cup of beer before sleeping is useful to me.
Five basic strategies for sleeping

1. never oversleep! (self explanatory)

2. set your body clock (light helps reset your body clock so when its time to wake up turn on the lights)

3. exercise (you should be active during the day so you sleep better your more tired)

4. don't nap (otherwise its hard to get to sleep)

5. set a bedtime schedule (it can be different for weekends and work days but make sure you set a time)

a good sleep is nessary for everybody,we shoulld keep it
You have to maintain a good room temperature, it is hard to sleep in a hot, stuffy room or in a cold drafty room. A fan to keep the air moving is good, I use a ceiling fan in my room.

If you use your bed to do work, or errands, it might feel comfy but it makes it harder to unwind if you associate your bed with things that keep your mind going.

And as far as food goes, bananas have always worked well for me.
I have problems with sleep. I have trouble getting to sleep and then when I get to sleep I have trouble getting up, I just don't have the energy or the inclination to get up. It really sucks. Currently it is 4:38am (I should get some sleep but the thing is that I slept for so long last night that I didn't get up til 3:00pm!!! Now I cannot get to sleep. It is as if my body clock is set to 30 hour days. Can someone slow the world down so the night and days last longer? lol


well, my son who is now almost 3 years old has been depriving me of sleep for the past....three years or so (even when I was pregnant I had problems sleeping!). But now he is getting better and most night sI do get my 7 hours of sleep. Sometimes I can't sleep because I am very stressed about school or work and I wake up in the middle of the night I can't fall back asleep. When that started happening a lot I used to read the harry potter books before going to bed (but you can read anything you like) and when I woke up at night I would try to think _in detail_ about what I just read, what where the little wizards doing, wearing, how they talk...that way I would focus my mind on something that had nothing to do with my stressful day life and in a few minutes I would fall back asleep again.

I did have a lot of harry potter dreams though!
watch tv, crime Channel does it for me, and take some sleeping pills, and lie down
I guess I wear myself out and just crash most nights. I feel like I get pretty good sleep, but I have allergy problems and snore, so some nights are better than others. I have found that too much caffeine during the day messes up going to sleep; especially within a few hours of planed going to bed. Caffeine affects everyone differently, however because my wife can't drink as much caffeine as me.
 Did you sleep well last night? If the answer is " No" , you're in good company. Insomnia1 is the most common sleep disorder in the UK, with up to a third of the population affected at some stage of their lives.

  Insomnia doesn't just mean inability to drop off 2 to sleep. Other symptoms are: waking early and not getting back to sleep, constantly interrupted short periods of sleep, or hours of wakefulness3. You may feel permanently tired, anxious or irritable, and your memory and ability to concentrate may be adversely4 affected.

  When to visit a doctor

  If insomnia is persistent,visit your doctor.Sleeping pills are not the only treatment, although they may be offered as a short-term solution. If you're suffering from emotional distress5,you may be advised to see a counselor.


  First,check that your bedroom isn't too hot or cold,noisy or stuffy6.Keep it dark, well-ventilated7 and quiet.

  Second, check your lifestyle:

  Don't eat rich, heavy meals after 7 pm.

  Avoid caffeinated8 drinks,such as tea,coffee,cola and chocolate,four hours before bed.Opt for9 decaffeinated coffee,camomile10 tea,or warm milk.Cutting down on your liquid intake before bedtime helps avoid night-time toilet visits.

  Alcohol can also be stimulating, so if you're having a night cap, drink it two hours before bed.

  Smoking stimulates adrenalin11 production, so cut down or give up.                   Research shows heavy smokers take longer to fall asleep, wake up more during the night and sleep more lightly.

  Synchronise12your body clock by getting up and going to bed at the same time every day.Avoid daytime naps.

  Develop a relaxing bedtime routine. Read or listen to music, then take a warm bath, adding 4~ 6 drops of lavender13 oil. Research has shown this scent may be as effective as sleeping pills.

  If you really can't sleep,try some bread,rice or milk.

  Go for a daily walk. Natural light helps to regulate your biological clock, so exercise outdoors if you can.

  Forget the worries of the day. Write down any worries, thoughts or questions before bed. Next, come up with14 solutions. With these written down, you'll have less to think about and sleep should be easier.
Nothing can be done about the dreams, life events processed by the brain during sleep, unusual combinations and conclusions surface time from time to the conscious level to tell you about what tendencies of reality you will not notice consciously until many years pass. Especially if they are negative, you will not let yourself even think about that that could happen to you.

Waking up in the middle of the night: try to relax and catch the sleep wave again. The problem is that interval between them is 1.5 hrs long. If drinking water will not make you wide awake, valerian root based sleep pills may slightly help and they have a short period of action. For some 5-HTP (in low dose) or melatonin before going to sleep help, full dose may cause morning headache.

Both restful sleep and waking up at the night are affected by approaching exhaustion or burnout, accumulated for years. If you can do something about it and get more peaceful and restful life - good, if not - like me - sleep and energy level problems will continue.

Improve nutrition: more minerals and vitamins than the single multivitamin pill gives. Try to exclude potential food allergies, not severe, like diary and grains (I know, I know, think myself so). Try exclude both for one week and see if this helps.

To make the long story shorter, I'll refer you to the two online sources that i found, and see if details they provide will help you:
Dr. MyHill, uk, and the book on the Project Gutenberg How and When to Be Your Own Doctor, if you will be able to get over autobiographic details and some inconsistencies in first quarter of the book.

St John's Worth (not sleepy herbal antidepressant) used during the day may calm the intensity of the dreams a little.

Make a life easier and food more healthy, and good luck to you, it may work.

P.S. Sorry for using bold font, meant to be visual anchors to jump through the text for a faster reading.
Wake up early so you can sleep early too.
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