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Tech thread: Building a 210 Bass cabinet

I've been considering building a cabinet to play my bass through my 1972 Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp without shredding the speakers on the amp. I've played my basses through the Twin a few time (at low volume to protect the speakers) and the tones I can get out of it, versus my Yorkville 200B 15" bass amp are just amazing... more bass amps should have reverb tanks . So, in order to play with the guitar amp more often, at higher volume settings, I want to use a cabinet with speakers geared more to the bass frequencies.

Now, I found some pretty cheap 10" woofers on clearance where I work for about $20 each. They're 8ohm speakers, 120W max, with a frequency response 30-2500Hz. They're not an ideal speaker, but won't be destroyed by playing bass through them.

If you're not familiar with the early 70s Twin Reverbs, they're an open-back 85W all tube amp with 2 12" drivers at 8ohms. Each speaker has it's own connection to the amp via a 1/4" phone jack (like a patch cord).

My basic plan is to build a 210 cabinet, wired pretty much exactly the same way the 212 combo is set up and just plug/unplug the speakers as I switch between playing guitar and bass through it. I know that a 210 isn't really much for bass, but at least I know I won't have to play around with impedance calculations and figuring out wiring to keep an appropriate load on the circuit for something like a 410 or a single 15" driver on the two outputs, or what have you. In the future, if I find that this setup is worth keeping, I'll look into building a better cabinet, or using better drivers (like these, if I stay with a 2 speaker setup)

Part of my question involves the design of the actual cabinet itself. Should I build an enclosed cabinet, open-back, slant/straight front... what dimensions should it be for the 210 setup, etc.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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