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Dragon Ball Z

Discuss fav. games here. My personal favorite is Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. All hail SSJ3 Goku!
"Nice knowing you Vegeta!"
amm, when i was younger i layes this.. cos i was boring.. now i think that it's not good game Smile
i like more acrion games.. ever this is to action.
Budokai was okay,but DBZ games are never really done that well.
I suppose you are right. Atari botches it up every time!
it think that every DBZ game that we can buy in stores are almost same
Why they always make only batlle i think it could better to make an RPG and why not an internet RPG it could be fun and i'll be the first on buy it Twisted Evil
I like the Budokai games and Supersonic warriors is cool too!
I can't wait for budokai tenkaichi!

out like 8 days in england!
Dread Lord Chaos
DBZ Budokai was an ok game...but I think we can all agree that there hasn't been a single game that can compare to the show to the slightest degree. Dragon Ball Z was awesome, the Frieza/Cell/Buu Sagas were more talking then fighting and 1 fight lasted 20 episodes and I loved it!!! >.< lol. If the battle interface was more like Zone of the Enders, it'd make it a lot more interesting...and can someone please make a free-roam mode??? Please!?
yeh its annoying that it takes like 20 episodes for goku or gohan to destroy a bad guy
Stupid series and it's dragged out ness. Oh, well. What can a guy do?
yea dbz was alrite back in the day... budokai was aight but 2 and 3...neh its just a repeat of the same things...not much of a variation
pldunbaracademicteam wrote:
yea dbz was alrite back in the day... budokai was aight but 2 and 3...neh its just a repeat of the same things...not much of a variation
I agree with this. I like the series. I'm glad they're making games about it. But it's kind of lame it's the same thing, over and over again. The whole, "Mortal Combat" fighting system just doesn't do it for me. Because all they change is the moves, characters, scenes and such.. nothing revolutionary, like better graphics, free roaming, etc.. Razz
Go Dragon Ball Z
Budokai Tenkaichi is perhaps, by far the best DBZ game out now

Click the link below to see me play Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi
the DBZ fighting games are ok but only after you've beat the game the first 20 times after that it gets pretty boring even if you fight your friends in Vs. mode.
Hey, Twikki, thanks for the video!! Man, I need a PS2. Curse my parents and my XBOX!
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