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I invite all of you to try this game out...

"The Ur-Quan Masters" is an open-source rebirthing of "Star Control 2", which in my opinion is easily one of the greatest games ever.

You want lore? The game has one of the most in-depth histories of any. While it doesn't have the chronological depth of the Warcraft series, it easily rivals it for depth in the history it has out of only two games (Star Control and Star Control 2). -

How about some screenshots?

Here's a blurb I found:

The plot consists of the exploration and liberation of alien species and planets. The setting is twenty years after the great war, with you as a young adult from the Earth research colony Unzervald.

The colony has had no contact with the outside world, and now you have been chosen to investigate what happened to Earth and the alliance of Free Stars.

In your journeys, you'll converse with 18 different alien races, explore a universe of over 500 star systems and 3000 planets, and engage in space combat.

In addition to the main program, players can create, name, and save their own armada of up to 14 ships from both Star Control and Star Control II, then challenge a different team of 14 ships created by a friend or the awesome computer opponent.

And last but not least, I should mention that the original soundtrack for the game was made by random people for a competition for the game, or something - using 4 track Amiga MODs. The sound track has been rewritten by people for The UQM, but the original is still great.

So give it a go Smile
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