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Noisy Dell laptop Fan

Hi all, I have had my Dell Studio 1737 laptop for a few months now, and it has a really quite noisy fan, unusually so. Not a steady whirring noise, I removed the bottom, which helped cooling, thus minimising the amount of time the fan was working, but was still noisy. I pressed down on the centre a little, which helped with the noise, but am wondering if there's a proper way to fix it. It just sounds like its not running smoothly, making an almost grating noise.

Also the eject CD touch sensetive button and the fn + f10 combination to eject never worked, not sure why, whether this is a connection fault, or software, but this is only a minor annoyance

any help welcome Smile

Try taking a "Can Of Air" and blowing it out. That might help. For your other problem. Maybe that those two keys won't work. it just might be in the settings of your computer. I have a dell Inspiron 1300, I click 'Fn' + 'F10' and it worked. So check you settings to figure that out. (I am not quite sure how to get to there though.)
Be sure to get it fixed soon, or it might overheat. Mine overheated, and it's not fun. Make sure there's no dust in it, either with pressurized air or by taking it apart (Which will probably void the warranty).

But make sure to get it fixed, cause it can only be a bad sign.

good luck

If blowing it out with air does not fix it then you need to send it in for repair.

Before you send it though take these steps to make sure you get your laptop back with all its data.

1. Tell the support technician that authorizes your repairs to make a note in the system that the repair department should not format the hard drive.

2. Backup all your data.

3. Take some packaging tape and and write on the tape " DO NOT FORMAT". Do this several times.

4. Place the tape the tape boldly across the case. Do it to the front and Back.

5. If you would like to make an issue of it if they do format your hard drive anyway take pictures.

6. Inside the box you ship it back to the factory place a letter asking them not to format your hard drive and to make sure your data is returned to you.

If you want you want a chance at getting your data back follow these steps. Otherwise the odds are not great that you will get your information back. I have sent in many laptops over the years so I know.

LOL, I had an overheating Toshiba and they didn't even test the darn thing with software because they were too lazy to format the darn thing. I had to send it back afterwards. Razz
Either Get a New Fan, Blow it with air, or you could carefully open it... But it would be almost impossible without breaking it. Just make sure you run through all the options everyone has posted before you go to a computer specialist or something (dont waste your money).

Do not open your laptop! You risk doing some damage and Voiding your Warranty.

If you were out of warranty that is one thing but do not risk your warranty.

Oh yeah, you can also try getting a cooling pad, you may have to do some internet digging to find one that suits you. Any of them will help quite a bit and relieve stress from your fan, but they may also add noise. check out Targus or CoolZone products.

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